International Salsa Festival 2105


When : DAY 1: (3pm – 11pm)Friday, July 24
DAY 2: (11am – 11pm)Saturday , July 25
DAY 3: (11am – 11pm)Sunday, July 26

Where : Tamiami Park 107 Bird & Coral way

It is the largest international Salsa event, which brings together every year, the most important figures of Salsa music. Three days of live concerts with more than 15 artists on stage and a gala night, where thousands of people celebrate “La Salsa”. Fans of all ages, as well as the most recognized schools and Salsa dancers in the American Union and the world, meet every year at the INTERNATIONAL SALSA FESTIVAL.

The International Salsa Festival, gives recongnition by the Salsa Star award to the career of Salsa artists aorund the world by a gala held the day before the concert, with the participation of the community and representatives of the hosted city.

The International Salsa Festival is the most anticipated celebration party for Salsa lovers.
DAY 1: (3pm – 11pm)Friday, July 24

José Alberto (El Canario) REP. DOMINICANA
Ismael Miranda PUERTO RICO
Los Adolescentes VENEZUELA

Special Performances
Marlow Rosado y la Riqueña

DAY 2: (11am – 11pm)Saturday , July 25

Rey Ruiz CUBA
Luis Enrique NICARAGUA
Willie Colon NUYORICAN

Special Performances
Miami Salsa Congress Pre-Party
David Lucca y Los Clásicos de La Salsa
Gumby Navedo y su Tumbao “Homenaje a Johnny Pacheco”
Reinaldo Alvarez “Recordando a Héctor Lavoe”

DAY 3: (11am – 11pm)Sunday, July 26

Tito Nieves
Willy Chirino CUBA

Special Performances
Típica Tropical

Orquesta Selección Latina

Celia Cruz All Star “Celebrando a Celia”

Special Performance by
Aymee Nuviola