Pioneer DDJ-SZ First Impression

My first impression of the Pioneer DDJ-SZ by Leo Perez
I don’t normally write reviews on dj gear, so I don’t consider this a review. This is more of my first experience after spending 1 hour with this unit.

First of all the DDJ-SZ felt alot like the ddj-sx.
Some of things i liked about this unit that the ddj-sx doesn’t have.
– On-board FX
– feeling adjust” screw on the crossfader
– jog wheel stiffness control,
– stop time adjuster;
– cue loop and velocity-sensitive pad options.
– dual laptop USB inputs

Mac users, it was a surprise to see that we needed to install a separate driver to use it. I also loved that the controller had the driver and software available in it so you dont have to download it from the website. After connecting my laptop and installing the driver on my Mac, I was ready to jam in less than 10 minutes.

Here’s some info I found online
Ddj-dz is also a digital vinyl system (“DVS”) audio interface; that means you can plug a pair of CDJs or turntables into it and control two of Serato DJ’s software decks from those using timecode vinyl, CDs (or timecode WAV on USB stick)
This eliminates having to use the SL-box
The ddj-sx does NOT have this.

Jog Wheels

The big job wheels didnt impress me too much. Its nice that they’re bigger but the release time felt just like ddj-sx. Still needs improvement for fast scratching.

Here’s something interesting I found from review and I also experienced this.

This type of jogwheel, although it looks like a CDJ jogwheel, actually isn’t. Whereas the jogwheels on CDJs are mechanical – they actually have small switches that detect pressure, which tell the unit you are wanting to “scratch” – these are conductive; they detect real, human fingers on their surfaces. It’s the same technology followed in the rest of the DDJ-S range. The trouble is that such jogwheels can be sensitive to the electrical grounding of the controller, which can vary according to what the controller is placed on, and the nature of the mains electricity source (what else is plugged in nearby and so on), among other things. Sometimes this affects how well the jogwheels detect fingers on them.

One of my favorite features was being to switch from one dj to the next very easily.
Dual USBs
It would of been even better if they would of included 2 headphones jacks for 2 djs to cue at the same time.
You can assign channel 1&3 for the dj on the left and channels 2&4 for the dj on the right and play at the same time. In order to cue you would have disconnect the 1st dj headphone and connect the second dj headphone back & forth. But if all you’re doubg is switching from one dj to the next then this a very easy to do.

Another thing ddj-sz has that ddj-sx doesnt have is
Hardware effects
Our favorite was the reggae horn with oscillator control and echo effect.

We didnt get to mess around too much with the new features of the performance pads.
One feature we found very useful is the ability to launch a save loop assigned to a pad.
Ddj sx does not have this.

Overall I loved the unit a lot.

My only negative was the size and price.
But thats just how it has to be in order to have the bigger platters.

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