Studio? What Studio? We don’t need no stinking…

So, due to some technical limitations (like Craig’s dumb ass!) the show was not captured for the record, so if you missed it live, you missed it. But here is what we talked about, and what you should expect NEXT Saturday:


Miami’s Vice City Rollers: will be guests IN STUDIO next week! (4/19)

Derek Jeter (if you haven’t been gagged with it, yet) is retiring… NEXT PLEASE!

“Seventh Inning Stretch” may become the “Seventh Inning Get the F*#% Out of Here”

Heat battle for 1st, and a home court advantage

Marlins s*#$ the bed, slipping below .500 (#RTJR)

Those things in the Men’s room are sit-down showers- and Shelly Yanowiscz poops in them


Be good! See YINZ next week!

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