NUTS last week off- then, BACK TO THE GRIND

The Network Under The Sun had a great start. We want to thank Louis Chacon, the evil mastermind here at 24/7 Miami for giving us our shot. Thanks!!!  The studio we were using was either closed or booked, you remember- the one where some guy built a shower in the garage so he could live there when he was in the dog house with his babymama? Yeah. He is out. And the NUTS are BACK! He moves out this weekend, and we move back next week. Here is what we would have talked about, had we got the eviction notice sooner:



World Cup. Not only the ins and outs of THIS year, but how many workers died in QATAR already?!?


luPanthers. NUTS called it FIRST! Big moves, players come and gone- and the rebirth of LU! Can it save this franchise? Yeah, they own the place, but are they making the cash to sustain…?



BASEBALL: Marlins, Pirates, yadda yadda yadda! C-los will be sending me his update, and Carlton better, as well- because, TBH: CRAIG DON’T KNOW BASEBALL. Craig is old, and has ADHD, and it takes vigorous movement on the picturebox to keep his attention for more than 15 seconds.




MARCH MADNESS: bracket picks open MONDAY (most of them)… WHO WINS IT ALL?!?



The new NFL logo went into use at the 2008 draft.

NFL NEWS: the NFL put all the players in a shaker jar, placed all the teams on a giant bingo board, and then dispensed the names in random fashion, with no rhyme or reason. Once the shaker runs dry, and everybody stops bouncing, we will try to make heads or tails of the …blenderizationing…?





Construction. Um, yeah.



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