Fashion Happy Hour: Fashssories


Dirty Laundry had the opportunity to join the anticipated Fashion Happy Hour. Dirty Laundry’s leading lady, Angie got an exclusive interview with designer and creator Patricia Young from Fashssories.

                Patricia Young started with Fashssories one year ago and it is an online Boutique based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Fashssories represents other designers and works with other retailers.


                Fashssories carries different variety of accessories from styles, colors, and clutches. Patricia tells me accessories are always first, it is a statement and it is what defines “Her”. Fashssories gives customers an opportunity to access their online gallery and showroom. Their best sellers are earrings (made from Soctache and Silk ports) and bracelets. Each accessory is 100% handmade and unique.


  What is the inspiration behind Patricia’s work?

“My inspiration is working for myself and doing something fun that everyone else can enjoy.”

Thank you to Patricia Young!


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