A new LIVE show coming your way!

As the NUTS still wrestle with the occupants of their stuffy studio, C-Los, Carlton KB, and Craig Cook are bent on bringing the show to your from your favorite place to eat or drink! Make sure you tell your sports bar you want to see the NUTS!


We continue to research:


"I AM the League of Shadows"
“I AM the League of Shadows”

The mask of LaBane James

EXCLUSIVE: Suspended NFL player Richie Incognito gets a flashy new Ferrari
“This could use some custom work…”

Incognito’s use of pine tar on his bat

"So WHO am I again?"
“So WHO am I again?”

The Dolphin’s lack of clear defined roles for their leadership team.

All of this, plus we talk about traffic, weather (glad to be down here this winter), chicks (did you email your girl, yet?)- plus another special visit from one of our older fans, Shelley Yanowicsz…







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