So, you like your NUTS at your BAR?!?

We here at the Network Under The Sun absolutely DREAD not being able to bring you a live, weekly show- but hey- we share a studio, and sometimes the competition gets to the keys before we do. So here is what we are gunna do.


The NUTS are planning some BIG EVENTS! Live shows being broadcast right from your favorite local eateries/ bars/ restaurants/ hangouts!!! C-lo & Craig will be coming to you from a yet to be named location (even Carlton is joining us- he is SUCH a diva!) broadcasting LIVE, and bringing you swag and giveaways in our wake!

Philbin explains is ignorance
Philbin explains his ignorance


So with all of the local happenings and events this week (Dolphins/ Martin; Heat/ LeBron impromptu nosejob; parents and coaches of 8 year old boys losing their minds, etc.) we feel our opinion is IMPORTANT- even if you disagree! So make sure you let us know how you feel. Email us at our Alternate Contact Keep:

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…and thank you, good citizen.