Fashion Recap: Valentine’s Day Edition!


Hey guys, its Angie here! We have Valentine’s Day special edition Fashion Recap.This week’s style is all the above from chic, boho, vintage, classic, and etc. When it comes to Valentine’s Day you want to be the apple of his eye, his lady in red, his sexy mami, and his goddess. Ladies its time take his breath away by one look. Be his one and only! “Romance is thinking about your significant other, when you are supposed to be thinking about something else.”- Nicholas Sparks

Shall we begin!

Monday: V-day Outfit #1

1Style: Chic/ Edgy. Red-Orange waisted dress with gold braided belt and leather jacket. Make his Monday extraordinarily by one glimpse!

Tuesday: V-day Outfit #2


FS0sWFvktyStyle: Elegant/ Chic. Red lace dress and a pair of red and gold spiked Christian Louboutin heels. Show him you are worth every waiting minute and worth wanting. Make him crave you!

Wednesday: V-day Outfit #3

3Style: Classic/ Elegant/ Chic. Pink elegant Victoria’s Secret dress. Look soft and sweet be caring and sweet to him. Remind him why you are 10x better and sexier than the girl next door.

Thursday: V-day Outfit #4

4Style: Chic. White buttoned blouse, tartan pattern pants, and Leather jacket. Show him why he fall in love with you in the first place. Don’t be afraid to ask for a kiss, just take one and you will get one back, but a passionate one.

Friday: V-day Outfit #5

5Style: Classic/ Chic/ Elegance/ Vintage. White cotton and lace dress with white peep toe heels. You are the shining star in his darkness, he us the moon and you are the sun, you are what makes him real, you are what keeps him alive, you take his breath away and he takes yours. You are his one and only.

Thank you and Enjoy!

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