Fashion Recap: Royal Blue, Orange, Floral, Nude, and Pastel Pink!

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Hey guys, its Angie here! We gather here today with another fashion recap. This week’s style is Flirty Girly. It’s never too late being flirty and cute during Red Carpet season. It’s the week to put on your cutest outfit, wear high heels, paint your nails, and a touch of perfume. Look fabulous at all times! “People will stare. Make it worth your while.”- Harry Winston

Shall we begin!

Monday: Royal Blue

royal blue

We will first start with blue neoprene laser cut waist dress by Sea Chic Boutique and a pair of Rampage stilettos.

f6fe0102ae54f269729d35afcdec0081 ouv605-l-c680x680-shoes-royal-blue-blue-heels-cobalt

Next we have Seara purse.


Then we have OPI Euro central collection royal blue nails and royal blue lips.

f27d605250e8cd464eea149a4cff725d tumblr_mgh4kyfbB61r4lknso1_500

Finally we have Geneva Platinum watch with a handcuff pendant bracelet and royal blue thread bracelet.


Tuesday: Floral

floralWe have Forever 21 floral dress and a pair of Glaze by Journee heels. Love the heels!

253523_233766523300752_168244953186243_1058682_4890138_n tumblr_ly07plF18U1r4fmhfo1_500

Then we have a vintage coin purse.


Finally we have floral inspired nail art and pink, purple and cream necklace with floral accents.

image0013461715039294se3a7 tumblr_ll3p9ituac1qioyspo1_400

Wednesday: Orange

orangeFirst we have model Candice swanepoel rocking a Blumarine dress and a pair of Christian Louboutins. I need to own one of these heels.

tumblr_lpyu91Lsc61qejxvno1_400 tumblr_m6gtu0NiJe1rp8pdso1_500

Next we have a MUST-HAVE Hermes handbag.


Then we have Orange with beige inspired nail art and orange lips.

tumblr_mwxxsc0Bre1rbojx6o1_400 tumblr_livv74iRAK1qg3hbgo1_500-300x222

Finally we have an orange leather cuff bracelet with studs.


Thursday: Nude

nudeLet’s start with Reem Acra gown and pair of strapped Christian Louboutins. Louboutins follow me!!

10e88ec334253685f463807f630d76f5 Jennifer Lopez shows off her body in a skin tight yellow leather dress, Peru.

Then we have a gorgeous Celine handbag.


Finally we have Essie nails and nude inspired lips.

34447-Essie-Nude-Nails eaacbd6589c2f998af62b0587f7fc876-1

Friday: Pastel Pink

pastel pinkWe will start with this beautiful Rosa Clara dress and a pair of pastel pink heels.

6079bb2910b005c4d14144d8b48d50c0 pink_satin_heels_with_green_heel_and_jewel_toe_via_hepsylone

Next we have an adorable Mulberry Lily.


Then we have Color Club pastel pink nail art and pastel pink inspired lips.

tumblr_lyqlqovb4W1qmopjgo1_500 32512-Pastel-Pink-Lips

Finally we have a homemade floral necklace by Eteniren.


Thank you and enjoy!

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