305NUTS schedule, topics, stuff… n’at!


The Network Under The Sun can be found here LIVE every Saturday at NOON! Just surf your way here, or use the TUNE IN radio app, and look for 247miami. The “NUTS” cover all the topics you need to get by in the Magic City! They talk Heat, Dolphins, Marlins (& Panthers?) for sure, but they also cover, food beer, local happenings, chicks, and a little bit of Pittsburgh.

Tweet or email the show LIVE (Carlton at the controls) and listen for your chance to win prizes!


OR- listen for the rebroadcasts! MONDAYS at 10PM, and THURSDAYS at 6PM.  We will also let you know when we will be out on the road LIVE! We will sit and talk shop from some of our favorite spots and happenings- just watch here for the next live “RemoteCast”!


Love, Hugs, and vaseline kisses:

C-Los, Craig (and our gopher, Carlton!)



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