Fashion Recap: Grey, Sequin, Hot Pink, Leather, Black and White!

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Hey guys, its Angie here! We gather here today for another Fashion Recap. This week’s style is Edgy and punk! Elegance, glam, and classy are all keys to look good on the red carpet or other special occasion. Thou, it is never a bad idea to give off an edgy look. This look is urban with class. It is time to let the inner diva come out. “Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.”- Oscar de la Renta

Let’s begin!

Monday: Grey


We will start with a gorgeous Zuhair Murad dress and a pair of JLO heels. The dress is so…AHHH!!

e77ed2019a821cb1945a3cdfbae751c6 tumblr_lna54tvB4I1qkekp2o1_r1_400

Next we have Prada bag. This bag is pure beauty!


Then we have inspired Grey nails, and Grey lips.

tumblr_lkj2ekbjvm1qzw41fo1_400 tumblr_mgzgcn4PGJ1qf2vdmo1_400

Finally, we have the “Galaxy” double-banded agate druzy ring by Luxdivine.


Tuesday: Sequin


First we have an Emilio Pucci dress and Weibo heels. This dress is a must-have.

tumblr_lnvni1uZn61qllk7to1_400 tumblr_m69gmrhD4V1rxnbwuo1_400

Next, we have Sequin purple Louis Vuitton bag.


Then we have inspired Sequin nail art and Sequin lips.

tumblr_m2fhngwVRJ1qfv2cs 8409428bfea119c02b41f984392c94ae

Finally, sequined blue bib necklace ribbon butterfly by Almost Famous


Wednesday: Hot Pink

hot pink

We have a Chiffon lace V-neck backless long dress and a pair of Louboutin heels. These shoes follow me everywhere.

hot-pink-lace-sleeve-v-neck-long-pretty-celebrity-prom-dress tumblr_m4gaopuqCb1r4o890o1_400

Next we have Michael Kors Handbag.


Then we have NARS hot pink nails and hot pink lips.


Finally we have Kate Spade small stud earrings.


Thursday: Leather


We have a beautiful Giles Deacon dress and a pair of Christian Louboutins. The existence of these shoes is pure intelligence.

tumblr_mnd62uqL0e1qe25u1o1_400 tumblr_mjh0yjQPT51rageroo1_400

Next we have Max Mara bag.


Then we have Nails Inc. London Leather effect nails.


Finally we have Leather fringe necklace by Monica Pons


Friday: Black and White


Let’s start with Lulu’s dress and pair of Bebe elle embellished heels.

847a1d04e05cfb5ee73f8da0d5cbd48a black_and_white_chanel_heels-4987

Next we have a Zara purse.


Then, we have Inglot black and white nails.


Finally we have Geometric pendant necklace by Coco Hollywood.


Thank you and enjoy!

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