Fashion Recap: Emerald Green, Silver, Red, White, and Pink!

Fashion 17

Hey guys, its Angie here! It’s Red Carpet season; the worst and best dressed stars are still most talked about. The game of who will wear who or what! This week’s style is Hollywood Glamour. The stars are about the glitz, and the glam. The style is to look chic, classy, and beautiful.  “Beauty and femininity are ageless and can’t be contrived, and glamour, although the manufacturers won’t like this, cannot be manufactured. Not real glamour; it’s based on femininity.”- Marilyn Monroe                                                               

Let’s start my shining stars!

Monday: Emerald Green

emerald flowers

We will start with a gorgeous Tom Ford gown and a pair of Charlotte Olympia. Love both gown and heels!

tumblr_lvairjPPrr1qicdrgo1_1280 charlotte-olympia-charlotte-olympia-emerald-paloma-platform-pumps-green-product-1-655635-971112410_full_large

Next we have a Givenchy Antigona satchel bag.


Then, Emerald green crystal and brass charm bracelet.


Finally we have Emerald green inspired lips and Zonya Emerald Nails.

tumblr_inline_mfpzlyj5XW1qlweeq emerald_green_nails-6964-1-1

Tuesday: Silver

silver flowers

 We first have a beautiful atelier Versace gown and a pair of Christian Louboutin heels. Louboutins will follow me until the end of time!

2b41d7a65beaff87f571ccdc6c380630 tumblr_leibvrOyKA1qf83yso1_500_large

Next we have a Silver studded tote.


Then we have starry Margareta Niel bracelet.


Finally, we have inspired silver lips and silver inspired nails.

107875353544173195qkLWKsl0c silver-nails-for-wedding

Wednesday: Red

red roses

First we have a stunning Red gown and a pair of Studio Pour Andre Bow high heels. The dress…my goodness!

tumblr_mbsgqq3NAc1qfm0sho1_500 2d886f66b49abafa48f5796a3fc96478

Next we have gorgeous Givenchy bag.


Then we have red diamond earrings.


Finally we have the classic red lips and red inspired nails.

6f34d5d4fb5515dc0d4924f05e95da61 4542689864_hm_red_nail_answer_2_xlarge

Thursday: White

white flowers

We shall start with a Paolo Sebastian gown and a pair of Qisya Nadia heels. The dress is so beautiful and stunning! Who agrees?

trb5jl-l-610x610-dress-formal-dresses-white-dress-sheer-prom-dress cute-fashion-high-heels-shoes-white-Favim

Next we have a MUST-HAVE Chanel handbag.


Then we have a white evil eye bracelet by Posh Adornments


Finally we have white lips and White diamond Esnails nail art.

tumblr_mizgh2cen51ryywm0o1_500_large 9854dd2772341014d171c0d8a3f7a279

Friday: Pink

pink flowers

We will first start with a breath-taking Balmain dress and a pair of Jeffrey Campbell heels. I want that dress!

tumblr_lkzxlygqr61qcvrqqo1_500 tumblr_ma9kacNZnv1rgw66ko1_500_large

Next we have cute Celine handbag.


Then we have this beautiful Pink Flower Barrette.


Finally we have Catrice Pink nail art and Pink inspired lips.

tumblr_lze796Id7e1r3bz3to1_400 7f1a7cfcce915f46ffc49f00bbfdafb3

Thank you and enjoy!

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