Fashion Recap: Princess Elsa, Snow White, Ariel, Pocahontas, and Princess Jasmine (Disney Edition)

Fashion 14Hey guys, its Angie here! This week’s style is elegance.  We have the classical, the beautiful, and the magical princesses in the land of Disney! From Cinderella, Belle, Ariel to the newest princess in the castle, Princess Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Every girl wants to talk, walk and look like a princess, thou there is no need ladies; we will always be a Princess. “When you can dream, then you can’t stop! A dream is a wish that you make with your heart!”- Cinderella

Let the magic, begin!

Monday: Princess Elsa


“The snow glows white on the mountain tonight not a footprint to be seen a kingdom of isolation and it looks like I’m the Queen”- Princess Elsa

Let’s start with this beautiful Dolce and Gabbana gown and a pair of studded Louboutin heels. Ice studded Louboutins!

XXX_203_1361057281_1-01 fashion_christian_louboutin_evening_silver_pigalili_120mm_pointed_toe_pumps_1_

Next we have Stephane Rolland winter white Coat.


Then, we have Princess Elsa inspired Eye Make-up.


 And finally, Frozen shimmer inspired nail art.


Tuesday: Snow White


“When the raindrops come tumbling, remember you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine”- Snow White

We have color black outfit and a pair of Louboutin heels. I want this outfit, so I can walk around and call myself Snow White.

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Next we have lips red as a rose, and then we have Snow White inspired Nail Art.

b1c04b264723a1df4697db2dca644fa6 IMG_6392

Finally we have the seven dwarfs’ necklace.


Wednesday: Ariel


“Watch and you’ll see, someday I’ll be part of your world”- Ariel

We shall start with Sweetheart beaded feather evening dress and a pair of Lavender heels. The dress…is an underwater treasure.

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Next we have mermaid shell purse and inspired pink lips.

tumblr_m1ah7ggCqU1qbygswo1_500 DarpzQdQOZ

Then we have Little Mermaid nail art.


Finally, we have little mermaid inspired jewelry.


Thursday: Pocahontas


“Listen with your heart, and you will understand”- Pocahontas

First we have Jovani 9485 dress and a pair of Czech Rhinestone Stiletto heels. The dress is gorgeous!

833694c98f7ab4e85042ca0140350301 Vanilla-Heels-womens-fashion-boots-shoes_allylinden

Next we have Turquoise handbag, and dream catcher bracelet. The bag…I love!

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Finally, we have Pocahontas inspired eye Make-up and Colors of the wind inspired nail art.

d8be207ed56cb73c2bd6ef6aefc71e40 26084251_1

Friday: Princess Jasmine


“Whatever we may do, you are here for me and I’ll be there for you”- Jasmine

Let’s start with Lara 21054 dress and a pair of golden studded Louboutins.

lara-21054-front tumblr_lo3pe9fqtl1qkve8jo1_500

Next we have a Blumarine clutch purse and Poppies & Posies necklace.

a47013f75f6192701018b2be917e4dab gold

Finally, we have Princess Jasmine Nail art and Princess inspired make-up.

tumblr_mixr2m1m7D1r58345o1_500 4d1855521cd6fb46b787babfac67faa8

Thank you and enjoy!

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“A princess is what you were meant to be, because being sweet comes naturally”


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