Fashion Happy Hour: The Montaque Candle Company


I got an exclusive interview with Dana Alexander from the Montaque Candle Company.

For starters, I love candles and I collect them myself.

The Montaque Candle Company is handcrafted soy candles. The business became to be with Dana Alexander, as hard worker who always came home to light candle to relief her stress. She first started by making the candle for special occasions and event planning.

The Candles are made of soybeans. They are clean, natural and the even better…the candles last longer and the scent that flows through the air longer than others. The Montaque Candle’s best sellers are the Pineapple Coco. The other beloved scents are Ginger Lemon Grass, Lavender Vanilla, and Kiwi strawberry. I got an exclusive detail from founder Dana, she is working on the spring line and Room refresher which will begin in Late March/ Early April.


I actually can’t wait!

Thank you to Dana Alexander!

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