Fashion Happy Hour: Peace Love Lift


I got an exclusive interview with Johana and Marian, designers from Peace, Love and Lift.

Peace, Love, and lift are an all work out, every day, and casual apparel.

peace love lift

So, how did peace, Love and Lift start in the Fashion industry? Johana and Marian are work out partners and it was hard to look for the right workout clothes, and it was something that girls have dreamt of. The Peace, Love, and Lift soon became a huge, successful boom in the market.

Peace, Love and Lift’s best sellers are the tops and bottoms with the rand’s logo from Striped and loose tank tops, Hats, Tights, and Leggings. The brand also carries men wardrobe and the brand have motivation spirits by printing Inspirational words on the clothes.

Talk about major motivation!

Thank you to Johana and Marian

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