Fashion Recap: Checkers, ColorBlock, Candy Cane, Glass, and Beads! Dec. 9-13

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Hey guys, its Angie here! We are back with another Fashion Recap. This is from the week of December 9th to 13th. The week style is Chic. We are going to the basics here but with a holiday twist. Thou, the weather may be down under but it doesn’t mean we have to hide our best fashion sense yet. We have to rock the streets, we own the streets. All it takes is a fresh outfit, lipstick and a pair of heels. “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”- Rachel Zoe

The road to being chic starts here!

Monday: Checkers


First, we will start with Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra rocking a Louis Vuitton mini dress and a pair of Black & White checkered Givenchy heels.

83442338473fa17d8c0525f3edb09293 tumblr_mjchmnhBfb1rvswluo1_400

Next we have Checkered Clutch purse and this all so cute outfit, black cropped cage top and Checkered Peplum shorts, all from Go Jane (Outfit). The Outfit is…AHHHHH! Damn, cute!!

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Then we have checkered inspired lips, and alongside we have Black & Gold checkered Orly nail art

checkmate_lip_art_by_chuchy5-d5b6qhq tumblr_mpknq16FRN1syl0b8o1_400

And finally, you will be having Vanilla colorful checkered cake with Vanilla frosting with Fruit Loops. “Follow your nose!”


Tuesday: Color Block

color block

Let’s start with a BCBG Rerina Dress and a pair of Zara heels. BCBG dress *check on Christmas list*, Zara heels *check on Christmas List*.

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Next we have Ivory white & yellow Satchel bag and Color Block style bracelets.

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Then we have Whimsy Color Block nail art, and color block inspired lips.

5gK4jnOpOd tumblr_m6s9twPkRk1raar9to1_500

Finally, we have Agent Provocateur Swimsuit collection: Mazzy one-piece worn by Vampire Diaries actress Nina Dobrev.


Wednesday: Candy Cane

candy cane

We shall start with an Ulyana Sergeenko Triangle shape back dress and a pair of Vionnet pumps. The dress…I will go to very store for this dress. Who is with me? *Comment, for who will come and go on a mission with me*

ALPZcYRzTk 030cfb3d4b8548066357825211f3984d

Next we have Candy Cane inspired lips, and alongside we have Essie nail art.

a63914484c467f6ca39d499a4eea0dc0 tumblr_mf6tcbqLHp1rn60o9o1_1280

 And finally, you will be having Milk and White Chocolate Fudge with peppermint Candy Cane topping. Yummy! Perfect, for the Holidays!


Thursday: Glass


We will start with a Julien MacDonald gown and a pair of Maison Martin Margiela Glass Slippers.   O.O OMG!!! GLASS SLIPPERS EXIST, they exist!

julien Mc  cinderella-glass-glass-slippers-heels-shoes-Favim

And finally we have a vintage stained glass evening purse and Glass effect inspired lips and Glass Nail art.

stained_glass_handbag_small1 tumblr_msv7gb2yaZ1qgqgyxo1_500

I still can’t believe Glass slippers really do exist. I shall be on my way to find prince charming.

Friday: Beads


First, we will start with Lulu’s beaded and sequin dress and a pair of The Tattoo heels. Those heels, I can conquer the world with those!

beaded-dress-detail-1354076811_b tumblr_mjubw0OLIE1riegc8o1_500

Next we have a gorgeous Ana Benson purse. *Star stuck*


And finally, we have beaded inspired lips & nails, and Egyptian Necklace by Lapis Lazuli. The Necklace, I love!

tumblr_m9fss5payx1recyozo1_500 tumblr_lr8js3exas1qzrf3oo1_500

 P.S I can’t get over the glass slippers!

Thank you and Enjoy!

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