Fashion Recap: Winter White, Snowflakes, Stars, Fur, and Knit! Dec. 2-6

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Hey guys, its Angie here! This is from the week of December 2-6. The style of the week is Vintage. When it comes to vintage in the winter time, we take out our warm and unique sense of fashion. The classy and retro look is perfect for the winter and it makes it feel more like December.  “The woman is the most perfect doll that i have dressed with delight and admiration.”Karl Lagerfeld

We shall begin, ladies!

Monday: Winter White


Let’s start with a gorgeous piece from Nova Lepa 2014 Wedding Collection and a pair of White heels with a caramel brown lining. The wedding gown is so breathe-taking!

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Next we have Tory Burch handbag and Winter White hair dye. Ok, I won’t dye my hair white but got to admit this is amazing!

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Then we have winter white lip inspired, and Winter White nail art. The nails are so pretty.

tumblr_ltqnkmg9Nv1qgzbxvo1_400 snow-winter-christmas-nails_2

Finally, you will be having Vanilla cupcakes with peppermint frosting and Christmas décor.


Tuesday: Snowflake


First we start with Givenchy mini dress and a pair of winter wedding heels with snowflake details.

tumblr_m96au5Wy0T1rw1nfbo1_500 wedding_shoes_painted_snowflakes_winter_wedding_ivory_-f28366

Next we have this cute vintage snowflake Jacquard handbag and snowflake nail art. This handbag is a MUST HAVE!

8ae48e63d77fa1d11785b5b3eb4bc9e9 snowflake_nails_by_xsheervanilla-d4iriru

And finally, you will be having Vanilla on vanilla frosting with silver snowflake décor.


Wednesday: Stars


We will start with a short sleeve skinny waist blue denim dress with stars printing, and a pair of Nasty Gal heels.

tumblr_mvpihyClSp1rdtyo6o1_400  tumblr_m978p8d0cN1ryewx5o1_400

Next we have lips with star detail, and stars nail art.

44212ac6358659cf54f55eafa8e1f282 tumblr_m6msqzeuhH1qmxbvdo1_500

Then we have an Isabel Marant stars light Barrette brass.


Finally, you will be having Dark Chocolate cupcakes with fudge frosting and stars with moon décor.


Thursday: Fur


We shall start with fabulous Miu Miu dress and a pair of Pink furry boots. The boots are weird looking, but I want them.

miu-miu pink-fur-boots

Next we have a Garance Dore clutch bag. The bag is…too damn beautiful!


And finally we have the beautiful and sexy Adriana Lima rocking an Enrico Francis coat. She is so beautiful!


Friday: Knit


First, we have a cute white knit dress and a pair of Ni Kiyo knit panel lace up boots. The boots are adorable!

white-knitted-dress1 tumblr_mcfmlssBX81qca4swo1_400

And for the finale we have a Orgu Canta Modelleri handbag. The handbag is so unique and vintage.


Thank you and Enjoy!

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