The Urban Plug

I have had the honor, no, the privelege of having a room full of AMAZING people. Beginning with Life Coach Dani (@LifecoachDaniA) who has a thought provoking, entertaining & interesting twist of relationships on women of color. Her web series is entitled Black Women Dont Deserve To Be Loved. Now I know what you’re thinking lol, but you GOTTA watch the series on Youtube. I was also accompanied in he studio with Damar (@rahtheprez), Plus (@PlusDaddy_wl), Deedee (@KathyJaneFuller) & my ace Nic(@nicalmighty). Our discussions rarely ever go as planned, we went IMG_20131119_164434from topics like ‘Losing yourself in a relationship to age differences to offended handicapped people all in a matter of an hour. Hey, all the fun people will be in hell anyway lol.

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