Fashion Recap: Teal, Turbulence Grey, Koi Orange, Vivacious Fuchsia, and Acai Purple!

Fashion 9

Hey guys, its Angie! This week’s style is Couture. And, the colors show class, warmth, and just absolutely fabulous. Ladies, start taking out your Louboutins, Prada, Chanel, and Valentino. This fall shall walk the streets like if we are walking the runway. We walk the walk; look glamorous and fab! “Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest.”- Christian Dior

Shall we!?

Monday: Teal


We will start with a gown from Naeem Khan and a pair of Jeffery Campbell boots.

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Next we have a Bohemian Hand bracelet ring and a gorgeous Michael Kors handbag. This bracelet is so cute! I want it.

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Then we have Bondi teal Nails and a Teal with a dash of Gold lips inspired design.

bondi-teal-magnolia-swatch a7351bda9976749f6c851ada57fe1a4d

Finally, you will be having yummy in the tummy cake pops with vanilla and buttercream frosting and teal flower décor.


Tuesday: Turbulence Grey

T grey

Let’s start with cute Givenchy Mini ruffle dress with a pair of these cute greys with gold metallic heels. Both items I want…for Christmas. It’s on my list!

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Then we have Juicy Couture handbag and a Bridal jewelry collection.

juicy-couture-dark-grey-dylan-daydreamer-leather-satchel-bag-product-1-10777642-529810807_large_flex 4a6fea642bd6d66635a7baee8467cbb3

And finally we have Turbulence Grey lips inspired along with KBS Nails.

greylipstick IMG_0466edit

Sorry ladies, no dessert! L

Wednesday: Koi Orange


We have is fancy cut out frill Mini dress with a pair of Dior heels. THE SHOES ARE A MUST HAVE!! I WANT THEM!!!

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Next we have this adorable Stella and Dots scarf and Hermes handbag.

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Then we have Koi Orange inspired lips


Finally, you will be having a delicious Orange Spice cupcake with buttercream frosting with Orange gummy. DELICIOUS!


Thursday: Vivacious Fuchsia

v. fuchsia

First we have beautiful Rafael Cennamo and a pair of Veda Soul heels. The dress is so breathtaking.

BGB2EZ4_mx images-10

Next have Swarovski crystal earrings and Wet Seal spikes, diamonds, and Vivacious Fuchsia bracelets.

swarovski-crystal-fuchsia-6010-briolette-earrings d849b714fc4becfa6d27d7972f0e5eb4

And finally, Vivacious Fuchsia lips inspired design and Snails safe nails.


Friday: Acai Purple

acai purple

We shall start with a drop dead Montage by Mon Cheri gown with a pair of Louboutin booties.

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Next we have Acai Purple inspired lips and a beauuutiful Dior purse. I want the bag!

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And finally you will be having a yummy and healthy Acai yogurt Parfait with Bananas and strawberries. A luscious treat that is satisfies the tummy and the heart, perfect!


Thank you!

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