Fashion Happy Hour: Vividly


While I was following the yellow brick road to find the Wizard of Fashion Happy Hour, I bumped into Co-designer Sabrina Scandar; I had the chance to speak with Sabrina about her latest collection “Vividly”.

The vividly collection started by sisterly love. Sabrina Scandar’s Sister Silvia is known as an Attorney but best known for her creativity, and artistic person. From there the business boomed and opened doors to new ideas.

The collection is not like any other *seriously*.  You are the designer, the creator to your own fashion desire. Starts from a selection of silhouettes and you, yourself have the choice to upload your own art work. Vividly carries art pieces from a total of 90 local and emerging artists. The best part, the designs are limited edition. Meaning, the pieces of the collection are one of a kind.

With this new collection emerging its way to high fashion, there is a need to ask for the most popular piece; that would be the jacket style. For the co-designer herself, her favorite piece is the tank top skull art piece. “Sharing art can be shared in many ways but in clothing, it is a whole other level. You are sharing the art with the world”.


This Collection is different and artistic, love it!

Thanks to Sabrina Scandar!

Thank You!

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