Fashion Happy Hour: Cameri Bead Studio by Irina


     During my journey, I had an exclusive interview with designer Irina from Cameri Bead Studio. The Jewelry designer spoke about her latest collection and new editions.

Cameri Bead Studio by Irina is inspired by art and different cultures around the world. Her collection is made by of natural elements, and Irina herself loves to work with spikes and broken jewelry. Why let it go to waste, when you can fix it or make a whole new set.

Irina told me, her collection is certainly Unique; unique vintage. So, what makes is this collection different? Irina uses natural elements such as Gemstones, Natural Stones, vintage elements, bright colors, and world cultural pendants.

SAM_0157 SAM_0156

I do agree, this collection is definitely unique; Love it!

Thanks to Irina!

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Thank You!


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