Should LeBron James RETIRE a Cleveland Cavalier?


We all know that LeBron James is on the Miami Heat and he left the Cleveland Cavaliers in a way that wasn’t in the best of ways, but that’s NOT the point here, the question is “Should LeBron James RETIRE a Cleveland Cavalier?” LeBron left Cleveland to join the Miami Heat to go alongside Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in an attempt to win a title. As we all know that attempt has been successful two out of three times. He won 2 MVPs in Cleveland, and 2 MVPs in Miami. So the question remains, “Should he RETIRE a Cleveland Cavalier?” I believe that he SHOULD RETIRE a Cleveland Cavalier. I believe this truly because Cleveland is and will always be home to LeBron James. The ENTIRE city of Cleveland felt betrayed and backstabbed by LeBron when he decided in the infamous ‘Decision’ to “Take his talents to South Beach and join the Miami Heat.” If he truly NEVER does play another game in a Cleveland Cavaliers uniform, no matter whom he plays for in his final season, the least he can do for his hometown team Cleveland Cavaliers is sign a 1-day contract and RETIRE as a Cleveland Cavalier so at least he can finish his career in his hometown and maybe even have a chance at having that backstabber, or traitor label removed from him when his name is associated with the Cleveland Cavaliers organization.

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