Did a botched call cost the Patriots an important game?

Obviously the Patriots can NEVER get back the past game against the Jets; it will ALWAYS be Patriots 27 Jets 30 F/OT. The question here is “Did the officials botch a call on the MOST IMPORTANT play of the contest?” For those who don’t know what happened during the possible botched call; the Jets were lined up for a game winning 56 yard field goal attempt and missed it, but the Patriots were called for an UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT penalty, which is a 15 yard personal foul. The penalty was called when Patriots player Chris Jones pushed Marcus Jones into the offensive formation. After the penalty was called the Jets RETAINED possession of the football and moved the ball closer for another chance for kicker Nick Folk. Folk’s second attempt was a 42 yard field goal that was MADE and gave the Jets the 30-27 overtime victory over the Patriots. So what do other NFL fans have to say about this? I asked the daring question and found out. Tyler Hewey co-host of Florida Gators News had this to say “I feel the league cost the Pats a victory. I just don’t understand what the heck is wrong with a teammate pushing a teammate into a pile. So what if Jones did that? It had no effect on the kick and therefore shouldn’t of mattered but the league wanted to save Rex Ryan fat butt and allow them a second chance to win the game which they did so thanks a lot NFL for screwing us over again.” I also asked Daniel Rivera better known as ‘Spidey’ on his take on the call and he said “Well it’s a new rule this year… one that hadn’t been enforced or seen I think until that moment, but it was a good call based on the rule… and if you’re New England, you didn’t need to do that either… not on a field goal from that distance.” I also showed him an article that I had happened to obtain and he this to say on the article “That’s interesting there…but I’m a bit suspicious of the article considering the source… but still interesting… cause the commentators mentioned the rule as it was called already themselves… so eh… always someone calling conspiracy somewhere” When I asked if Patriots fans were just angry or if their complaint was legitimate he said “I think it’s just Pats fans looking for an excuse… the same as the other side was thinking when Patriots had a call go their way with the tuck rule at the time… which the NFL finally took away.” Here are what some Jets fans had to say; Angelo Gonzalez said “The call wasn’t botched, the way they call holding on the offensive line when they feel like it, they did the same here. They broke a rule and they paid for it.” Richard Shelter said “Any Pats fan complaining about Sunday’s call should be reminded that their whole ‘dynasty’ started with the Tuck Rule…” The Patriots fans response was very different from the Jets; Paula White said “Pats got screwed over by NFL refs, which cost them the game, because of the refs botched call.” Matthew Prinner said “The rule is so weird… if the rule is correct as its worded the Pats should not been penalized from my understanding.” So after all that has been said; only my opinion remains to be said on the call, and here it is… I think the call is ABSOLUTE BULL!!! How can the call possibly be UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT? To me it makes NO SENSE!!! I smell something fishy especially after the article that I’ve managed to obtain. Take a look at these images




Indeed I too wonder the EXACT same thing. After the game ended, at EXACTLY 6:32 PM ET long after the winning field goal was kicked and good, and after Bill Belichick’s words to the media, the rule was updated and the NOT ON THE LINE OF SCRIMMAGE AT THE SNAP part just so happens to NO LONGER be there!!! Those people who like to bring up the ‘tuck rule’ here’s something for you, the rule was implemented in 1999, and the Tuck Rule Game was in 2002, 3 years later. This rule was originally implemented in March of 2013, but the rule was updated Sunday October 20th, 2013. At least with the Tuck Rule, there were no looks at an attempted COVER UP!!! Read the images and you shall see what I mean! Was there a conspiracy to make sure the Jets beat the Patriots? Patriots’ fans have a legitimate reason to believe such a thing.


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