Fashion Recap: Hot Pink, Ruffle, Sequin, Plum, and Champagne!

Fashion recap 4Hey guys, Its Angie here! This week’s theme is classic fashion and this week’s color were an inspiration from iconic ladies such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Beyoncé and Coco Chanel. The style for a girl to look her best, and act her best; the style is glamorous, chic and dangerously flirty. “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” -Coco Chanel

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Let’s start Ladies!

Monday: Hot Pink

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

We will start with a gorgeous Jay Godfrey mini dress with a pair of gorgeous Lola Shoetiques.

qLd54zVnFF  tumblr_m3gxep7p391rsbfz4o1_500

Next we have a Hot Pink gems queued in Gold.


Then we have Zoya Nail designs along with Hot Pink Glitter Lip inspired design.

Best-Hot-Pink-Nails-Design tumblr_mm0ulfCndo1r0psz5o1_400

Finally, you will be having plate full of delicious Macaroons. Yummy!!


Tuesday: Ruffles

Amy Adamn

Amy Adams

We have a beautiful Dorothy Perkins mini dress with a black blazer, with a pair of Chinese Laundry Bootie heels.

85qntg-l-610x610-dress-ruffles-blazer-weheartit-tumblr-necklace-bracelet-ring d4a8d56d58b009f204c740a9df1de46d

Next we have a ruffle heart shaped purse along with China Glaze Ruffle nail art designs.

tumblr_m1duonwssF1rpva8eo1_400 neon_ruffles_nail_art_set_of_20_artificial_nails_by_emineegoods-f41885

Finally, you will be having a Delicious and yummy Ruffle cake. Can you believe that you will be having a cake all yourself? It is awesome!


Wednesday: Sequin



First, we have Us Angels Sequin Mini dress, so cute. Then we a pair of Pink sequin Uggs.

gPobtEiL2h UQ2wy66vVZ

Next, we have a dangerously gorgeous Betsey Johnson Handbag. I want it!


Then, we have Nail Inc. London Sequin Nail Art along with sequin lip design.

TW71UQoza7 tumblr_mockxs7yig1rpowpso1_500

Sorry Ladies! No desserts L

Thursday: Plum

Scarlet Johnasson

scarlett johansson

We shall start with a Long sleeve high silt maxi dress with a pair of Luxus Neu heels

wytK4uTX0l OddVrBMAHK

Then we have a MUST HAVE Louis Vuitton Handbag. *Biting lip from pure seduction*


Next, we have O.P.I Nail art with Plum color Lips inspired designs.

rKC6H95ESD tumblr_m9owjpy8J61r8j5a2o1_500

Finally, you will be having a healthy treat; which are Plum Popsicles! Yummy! Fact: Did you plums help you clean your digestive system. That means a 2 hour vacation to the bathroom!


Friday: Champagne

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

First, we have a beautiful Givenchy gown worn by the lovely and passed Brittany Murphy along with a pair of Christian Louboutin Pumps. *Seductive Stare*

tumblr_kv4dodS6vX1qze11co1_400 a1h5gIYMFg

Next, we have a Vintage Valentine Pink Lucite purse along with Chain Glaze Nail Art.

36ababeba4401207a19859f5c116f9d8 tumblr_md9t0723u91qjh2d8o1_500

Finally, you will be having Champagne Favored cupcakes topped with Buttercream frosting and a glass of Champagne with a slice of fresh strawberries. Talk about classy!

WR1tEde0s8  champagne

Thank you and Enjoy!

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