Fashion Recap: Grey, Fuchsia, Aqua Blue, Neon Yellow, and Red Orange!


Grey fuchsia neon yellow red orange aqua

Hey guys! Its Angie here, and it’s time for a fashion recap. This week’s colors were strong, and this week’s fashion style theme is Bold. I will be honest; I was late a few times with the Instagram posts and I apologize. But let’s keep in touch on Instagram and follow @its_dirty_laundry.  At the end of this post there shall be a special surprise for the ladies, let’s begin!

Monday: Grey

laters baby

If you have read the book, then you will understand 😉

Want to hear a true story? On Monday I literally saw every girl in the bus, the city and in school reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Wanted to share

Let’s starts with an outfit, we have a Grey Bandeau Top with a Sabo Skirt. Then we have Sara Cirkic Pumps. So pretty!


Next, we have Siren London Jewelry, so medieval and *GASP* Coach Purse with a matching Coach Scarf.

rings tumblr_lfa072PuwO1qam9i0o1_500

Then, we Metallic Grey inspired lip design alongside with Gosh Nail Polish.

il_fullxfull tumblr_losxo9e51U1qm45oio1_500

Finally, you will be having a Vanilla Cupcake covered in Grey Fondant and Vanilla icing (Wedding Design inspired)


Tuesday: Fuchsia

fuchsia quote

We will start with a gorgeous Ulyana Sergeenko Mini dress and *teardrop* Christian Louboutin Pumps. I want them.

x4fAwTjzmw tumblr_m5sftd4NAU1r0cv1jo1_500

Next we have a Miu Miu Purse. One day I will own one!


Then we have my favorite nail polish brand Essie Nail art designs alongside with a Glossy Fuchsia color Lip design.

Essie-Summer-2013-The-Girls-Are-Out tumblr_mnk7m1zIa51srvz7to1_500-6639

Finally, you will be having Milk Chocolate and White chocolate vanilla Cake pops with sprinkles and a hint of Fuchsia icing. Yummy!


Wednesday: Aqua Blue


We shall start with a beautiful Forever 21 Mullet Dress and Christian Louboutin pumps. They follow me everywhere!

qnji199DMq light_20blue_20dress_20shoes-f08075_large

Next, we have Butter London Nail Polish design, isn’t this a gorgeous color? Alongside, we have Aqua goo lip design. Cool effect, right?

tumblr_mdvhhp9JDw1r0qgvko1_500 lip-art-tutorial-11

Then, we have Topaz, turquoise, aqua, and studded jewelry. And, we have hot n’ ready to strut the street Chanel purse.

bAivd7sz1W HRvpKud1fc

Finally, you will be having Vanilla cupcakes with Aqua blue fondant and decorated with pearls, bows, butterflies and dragonflies. Did you know when a dragonfly lands on your nose; you have seven years of good luck


Thursday: Neon Yellow

golden state

Let’s start with a Black lace top with a neon yellow Sabo skirt and Charlotte Russe Neon yellow Pumps.

qpabffsdxA-1 tumblr_m7yp11b0FO1qhrelco1_500

Next we have Melted Chanel earrings and a gorgeous Celine Handbag. While I’m writing this post, my Christmas list is being made.

IMG_7924_original oHnA5jexsM

Then we have Essie Nail Polish designs alongside with lip inspired color design

neon yellow RveFD0KgPW

Finally, you will be having Chocolate Cupcakes with Neon yellow dye Butter cream frosting. Delicious


Friday: Red Orange


Let’s start with a Marc Jacobs mini dress and Yves Saint Laurent High booties. Lovely!

tumblr_mfdnkxJ5a81rgs7t5o1_500-1 tumblr_lqxxpxfzgt1r0cv1jo1_500

Next, we have gorgeous Chanel Purse. Ready to use!

red orange chanel bag

Then we have Fire Flame Hair dye design. AWESOME!! Alongside with Sexy color inspired lip design.

red flame hair red orange lips

Finally, you will be having a healthy Treat; a Creamy Grapefruit pie with margarine frosting and slices of Grapefruit. Healthy and delicious!

red orange dessert grapefruit

Thank you, and follow up on Instagram @its_dirty_Laundry

Ladies, Here is your surprise!

colin kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick ESPN Magazine 2013 issue

You’re Welcome 😉


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