Fashion Recap: Royal Blue, Peach, Purple, Black and Orange!

Fashion recap 2

Last week’s Fashion Recap was all about vintage. The floral, ruffles, Radiant colors and old fashion style is gives a flirty look. This week’s fashion is Strong and all about rocking the streets with class and fierce attitude, as Marilyn Monroe said “Give a girl a pair of high heels, and she can conquer the world”. This week’s theme is couture and these colors are what can bring class and fierce look to any girl. Instagram: @its_dirty_laundry

Monday: Royal Blue

royal blue

First let’s start with a Chanel dress paired with Christian Louboutin Madame Butterfly pumps, and *Deep breath* Alexander McQueen Clutch purse. Who wants? ME!

tumblr_mifnemi7QS1r0qeh6o1_500 tumblr_m41vki9bLm1rrw0d2o1_400

Next is Cream Pearls with a royal blue ribbon. So Beautiful! and classy Chanel bag!

9617480e241641a3af2926f9a7827de9 tumblr_md3s5agJae1r2i6eqo1_500

Then we have my favorite Nail polish Brand, Essie.  And lip inspired glitter Blue.

tumblr_m0j8kf6iSq1qzjbl4o1_500 tumblr_mgh4kyfbB61r4lknso1_500

And finally, you will be having Blue velvet cake with Butter cream Frosting and blue sugar candy swirl.


Tuesday: Peach


First we have a gorgeous Diane Von Furstenburg dress Paired with Steve Madden heels.

tumblr_m88i1gswfv1rpfc8qo1_400 tumblr_mqjv8nK64v1rk3sy0o1_400

Then we have an open book with a peach color necklace with a flower piece, then we have a gorgeous Olivia Palermo Handbag. LOVE IT!

book-cute-jewelry-peach-pearls-vintage-Favim 522ad5c1bfa5a0b0526f418735bf2234

Next we have Peach Inspired nail art with golden stripes and Lips inspired Peach lip design.

tumblr_m3klc4Dr7e1qhetb7o1_500 tumblr_m6n4pnTX591rvbxwro1_500

Finally, you will be having Peach cobbler cupcakes. Yummy! *Drool*


Wednesday: Purple

purple shorts

First we have a special occasion formal gown, along with Steve Madden Pumps with PRECIOUS pearls!

dress-fashion-fashion-show-model-pretty-Favim tumblr_ly84rkpOXs1qcvcm0o1_400

Next… I don’t have the guts to do this but we have purple hair dye *CURLS* and a glitter Chanel bag. I want it…

tumblr_md0csiFrGS1qh1i6ko1_500-1 tumblr_mee650abHB1rtvb87o1_500

Then we have Purple O.P.I Nails and lips inspired Purple shimmer design.

tumblr_mrjswtSv9D1sp49wdo8_250-1 tumblr_m41jvjVx431r04f7oo1_500

Finally you will be having Blackberry cupcake with purple dye buttercream, Delicious!


Thursday: Black


Let’s start with Ulyana Sergeenko mini bow back dress and these beautiful Sara Cirkic pumps.

tumblr_mg6rps9uvN1r5m3xso1_500_large-1 tumblr_mh1j76FqgL1rdwprdo1_400

Next we have this special floral necklace made of up cycled Vinyl records. It’s made of Vinyl records!? How cool is that??


Then we have the desirable Chanel bag…let the Chanel beauty sink in…ok we are good, yes? Yes!


Next we have Cool black polish with clear polka dots, so cute! And color inspired lips design.

LCvDPoay8i adore-black-lips--large-msg-134821970714

Finally, you will be having brownie cupcakes and vanilla whipped cream, my baking inspiration has decided to come alive.


Friday: Orange


We shall start with a Jennie Kayne Gown, How lovely is this gown? Along with Orange spiked heel pumps.

nOyslSoCNg tumblr_m44kc52L6Q1r13m07o1_500

Next we have a Chanel Bag alongside with delicious Pumpkin Spice frappe from Starbucks. The fall is calling!


Then we have Essie nail art, and color lips inspired design.

iliketotalkalot-essie-fear-or-desire-4 tumblr_livv74iRAK1qg3hbgo1_500

Finally, you will be having Orange Creamsicle cupcakes. So who wants to be my cooking partner? I’m serious! Anybody?


Instagram: @its_dirty_laundry


Thank you!

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