Fashion Recap: Silver, Mint Green, Lavender, Red, and Coral Pink!

Fashion recap

Hey guys I have been posting colors this whole week on Instagram.  These colors that I have posted are seen and trending around in Miami. I have changed the approach with this week’s colors. Instead of swim and lingerie, I wanted to do something more desirable. Which are desserts from cupcakes to macarons *Food Porn*.  I will posting next week’s colors on Instagram  @its_dirty_laundry  ENJOY!

Monday: Silver


 First let’s start with a sexy look from Katy Perry, on the MTV Movie Awards 2010. You know the Zuhair Murads dress that she rocked on the Red Carpet. SEXY! Next, its girl’s must have and it’s a Chanel bag. I want one!

tumblr_mp9zeuKZ2z1rvq31go1_500 bag-chanel-dress-jewellery-silver-Favim

Next, I will soon own a pair. Christian Louboutin Booties with spikes to give that edgy and sexy look.


Then, we have a silver bedazzled inspired lip design. Got to have some bling-bling, yes!?


Finally, for dessert you will be having a chocolate cupcake with Buttercream Frosting and to add classy, fancy touch; silver (Edible) pearls. Yummy!


Tuesday: Mint Green


First, we have a gorgeous flowy dress from Lulu’s. Too cute! Next, we have *GASP* Gucci Handbag! Meh!

dress-mint-green-fashion-softlittlefashion-girly-Favim tumblr_m5fpypIPuf1r3mdg8o1_500

Then, we have mint bow high heels from Krishma’s Wedding Boutique. The bow detail gives such a classy look.


Next, I love this nail polish brand.  Essie nails design! For lips, we have a Mint Green inspired lip design

tumblr_lokt8gO6uM1qfq2x3o1_400 tumblr_m4qq2cdQwm1ru33i3o1_400

Finally, for dessert you will be having Mint Macarons. Delicious!


Wednesday: Lavender


First, we have a Lace dress with bow detail by Elie Saab. Next, a lavender Clutch handbag.

tumblr_lw6l8jNBdc1r27f9oo1_400 tumblr_m5tbiv58yx1qgjhhro1_500

Then, we have…ok… these shoes honestly follow me around. Christian Louboutin pumps along with Galaxy inspired leggings; I have to start saving money, now!


Next, one of my favorite Nail Brand, O.P.I Nail Lacquer; Lavender with golden tips. For the lips, we have a Lavender color inspired lip design.

tumblr_maisz6Uh2h1rqv54mo1_500 lavender-lips--large-msg-1350741553

Finally, for dessert you will be having Vanilla cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting (Color dyed) with a dash of Lavender for decoration. Yummy in the Tummy!


Thursday: Red


First, the daring color for a lady! We have a length sleeve belted Skater dress. So cute! Next, This Chanel purse looks jaw-dropping in red. Who agrees? I DO!

red-highheels4life tumblr_m41wgrFKry1rvt8fyo1_500

Now, these pumps are Pinterest and Tumblr famous; sparkling red Christian Louboutin Pumps.


Then, we have Essie Nail design (poka dots). Followed by Red crystal color inspired lip design

tumblr_lw94lfZHd01qkitrto1_500 batom-vermelho_large

Finally for dessert you are having Red Velvet cupcakes. There is no need to describe this one; the favor tells you everything you need to know.


Friday: Coral Pink

coral pink

First we have a Forever 21 skirt with a white blouse. Pretty! Next, we have Hermes Birkin handbag. This one is going on my Christmas list! Then, we have Jeffery Campbell Bootie heels. GORGEOUS!

l9qrai-l-610x610-skirt-white-coral-skirt-tumblr-found-on-tumblr-pink-skirt-pink-high-waisted-highwaisted-skirt-coral-pink-from-tumblr tumblr_mfo9v7IvSh1ri81sio1_500


Then, Unknown nail brand, Coral pink inspired nails design. Followed by, Coral Pink inspired lip design.

tumblr_lmkqzcsflh1qazgpho1_500_large1 tumblr_mcb9e3iUf21rvcncdo1_500

Then, we have jewelry from Forever 21.

Forever 21 always have the most beautiful and prettiest jewelry in their stores. As well, GREAT prices!


Finally, for dessert you will be having Vanilla cupcake with buttercream (color dyed) with Silver edible pearls.


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Thank you!

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