DJ Alejo

The name is DJ Alegro. I am a new up and coming DJ from Miami, FL born and raised here. I started to DJ at around the age of 18 but didn’t really focus to much on it until I received help from a friend who taught me some of the basics and I just started to do my own thing from there. I was introduced to Virtual DJ, Traktor and Serato and im still learning as I’m going along making these mix tapes. The genre I like to spin the most would be progressive house because its the earliest form of electronic dance music that I was introduced to. The purpose of the mix tapes I do is so start a fan base on Tumblr and work from there, even if its a small one, as long as someone out there enjoyed the music, that’s all that really matters. There are many DJs out there that inspire me to do these weekly mix tapes but the most influential DJ would have to be local talent by the name of DJ Obscene. I hope that all the practice I do in my mixes can prepare me for a live performance at a local venue one day.