Swim Show 2013: A.Che and PilyQ

a che

For Plus size girls like me, it is hard to find a cute, sexy swimsuit.

Luckily we have A.Che!

I spoke to Amir Moghadam (Father of the Amanda Che herself) and Genevieve Anderson, both were sweet and very cooperative.  Thank you!

A.Che has been around for four years and the Swim Company is actually a bra company as well. That means the swimwear go by bra sizes, but hear this! The sizing in this collection is called Tier sizing that means the swimwear are sizes are all in one. I love the sound of that. To be honest it is hard for me to find a perfect in swimwear but I could be taking A. Che Brand into consideration.  The Collection not only carries swimwear but also cover-ups, Crochet pants. 

Their best selling products are the Viona, it’s a full halter with tie back able to change the sizes to fit best. Along with full coverage pad, under-wire for support like a bra. Next is the Balia Push-up with a tie back feature and under-wire for support. The style also includes a golden trim on the straps and center of the bust for show. Another best seller is the Vera with the adjustable straps, tie back and full coverage pads. The next style is London, Which I have to say is my favorite. I’m a sucker when it comes to strapless. The London Style is constructed as a strapless bra with the wide wings along with a tie back for size and security. The straps are adjustable, convertible.  For One pieces, the Shyla is a Best seller as well, with full coverage pads and under-wire for support. Adjustable straps, tie back and golden trims on the straps. As of Bottoms, The Monroe Style (Mini Skirt) is a best Seller along with the Winslet Hipster Style.

But, what makes this collection so different than any other is the European Quality and fit.

“You cannot find any better quality and fit in the United States” –Amir Moghadam

Enough said, Right!

This next Collection is PilyQ,


Unique name in the industry don’t you think.

The name is unique and so is the product. All styles and collection are made of scratch and original prints no copies. Materials and swimwear are imported from Italy and Spain.

 *Italy and Spain are on my bucket list*

I spoke to Amber Forge, Designer of PilyQ and she as well is sweet and cooperative. Thank you! I actually went with the approach of getting to know the designer and see which are her favorites from the collection, and how the brand got its name. First her close friend’s name is Pily and the letter Q stands for cute. I forgot to mention the styles ARE cute. I asked her what was her favorite piece in the PilyQ Collection. She said the Smocked Roll pants Animal Inspired Raja Print.

The Collection is colorful, with fringe, ruffles and simplicity. PilyQ is Sexy, young, and fun like a summer girl.

PilyQ has boutiques in France and many celebrities have been spotted wear the collection.