Oden to Miami?

The Miami Heat to resume talks with former first round draft pick
The Miami Heat to resume talks with former first round draft pick

The Miami Heat will resume talks with 2007 first round draft pick, Greg Oden, according to his agent Mike Conley Sr. Oden will resume talks with Heat President Pat Riley who has been taking care of other business like resigning Chris Birdman Andersen.

The 2007 first round draft pick who hasn’t played in an NBA game since December 2009, because of knee injuries, remains very interested in signing with Miami and believes that the Heat want Oden.

The Heat mid-level exception is at $3.183 million, but Oden’s agent said it wouldn’t require that amount. The Heat signed Chris Birdman Andersen earlier this week, which made it easier for them to know how much money they have to spend.


Here is what Oden’s agent had to say about Birdman’s deal and how much money the Heat has available “I think it obviously makes it easier because they know how much money they have available,” Conley said of Andersen having signed a deal essentially for the minimum next year of $1.68 million while the Heat didn’t use the taxpayer mid-level exception on him. “We haven’t been down that road yet but I anticipate we will be shortly.” Other teams that are interested in Oden include San Antonio, Boston, and Charlotte. Cleveland was pursuing Oden but since they signed Andrew Bynum to a two year $24 million dollar contract they are out regarding Oden’s sweepstakes.

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