Fast and Furious 6 did not survive The Purge, Barely!


Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and Dwayne Johnson survive the night.

The Purge scares off their competition to win its number one spot in the Box office with $36.4 Million.

FACT: Did you know, The Purge is a low-budget film of $3 million! The films analyst expected low numbers. Not too shabby! 

P.S. After watching this film, I’m locking down all doors!


Continuing on, Fast and Furious 6 had to move one spot down onto second place with $19.8 million, still going strong. Ain’t that right Vin Diesel *Winky face*.
And for Now You See Me moved down as well, Yep We see you in third place with $19.5 Million. Not bad, Not bad!

Here is the list of movies with current studios estimate of this weekend:

1. The Purge, $36.4 million
2. Fast & Furious 6, $19.8 million
3. Now You See Me, $19.5 million
4. The Internship, $18.1 million
5. Epic, $12.1 million
6. Star Trek Into Darkness, $11.7 million
7. After Earth, $8 million
8. The Hangover Part III, $7.4 million
9. Iron Man 3 $5.8 million
10. The Great Gatsby, $4.2 million 


By Angela Guevara, Dirty Laundry