Should Lebron be in the Slam Dunk Contest ?


While the list of the Dunk contest participants was released
 on Thursday Feb. 7th, , 
Lebron James tweets “Dunk Contest?”

Those two words make you wonder will he throw in his name to be a part of the contest , many 
High flyers have done it , Jordan, Dominque, Dr J. , Kobe, etc , why not Lebron ?

“All the greats did it.” Hector a heat fan, “So should he ….” Former Heat Harold Miner “baby Jordan” did it and won
 the dunk contest  twice in three
 years.   Look at the list of players on the list :  

From the East :
 Gerald Green (Pacers), Terrence Ross (raptors), James White (Knicks)
From the West : Eric Bledsoe (Clippers), Jeremy Evens(Jazz) , Kenneth Faried (Nuggets)

If you are Lebron , who are you worried about ? 
Heat fans would  say none of them.
“This is the year , since every year he says ‘no’ .” Woody another heat fan commented .
While having the great post championship run by adding a Dunk Championship for what its worth would be a good touch to the superstar’s career.