The Dirty Laundry : List of the Best Celebrity News of 2012

by Angela Guevara, “The Dirty Laundry”

This year was a wild ride for any celebrity, worldwide news reach to families and admiring fans. This year was filled of surprises, tears, fears and disappointment. Some welcomed or expecting their first bundle of joy, Found new love, or even tried playing with their loved ones. Everyone is human, we go through the same when we hear shocking or precious news from the ones we know. For Hollywood its more of a “What happens in Hollywood stays in Hollywood” These Celebrities finish the year with a BIG BANG! The Dirty Laundry gives you the Best Celebrity News 2012.

#8. Royal baby on the way!

In the month of November, Kate Middleton was rushed to hospital for severe vomiting. Turns out that The Royals were hiding a tiny secret. This vomiting is being caused by morning sickness. Prince William soon announced that his lovely wife Kate is expecting their first child together. The princess of wales stayed in the hospital for a couple of days until she got better. The announcement became worldwide excitement. Thou, the excitement ended when one the nurses that worked at the hospital received a prank call from an Australian broadcasters pretending to be Kate Middleton. The joke caused the Nurse to commit suicide due to humiliation.

#7. Twilight comes to an END!

For Kristen and Robert, Their ride was a bit bumpy but stayed strong! specially now that their most successful franchise has come to end. The Final installment ends as Bella Swan…I mean Bella Cullen as a vampire mommy fighting for the life of her child and her family. The Premiere was full of emotions and tears from fans. But, flawless fashion from the top ladies. Twilight had a long SUCCESSFUL run.


#6. Four more for Obama!

It was a tough four years for President Obama. But, he still managed to come through and show his people that he is the right man to lead his country to greatness, to show he needs more time to improve our country. This Year’s election was a tough race with Mitt Romney. But, as hard as he can fight; Obama showed who runs this country by winning 244 to 178.


#5. Robsten Forever?

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson met on the set of Twilight, from there they became inseparable. The stars never confirmed their relationship but loved to leave hints behind like pictures for example. Paradise seemed to be perfect for Kris and Rob. But, there is always that tiny pebble that makes you trip. In the Summer morning of July, pictures were taken of Kristen Stewart and her director from Snow White and the Huntsman Rupert Sanders touching and kissing each other…ummm Its that Rob’s job! The pictures were soon displayed and apologies from both Kristen and Rupert. Robsten fans were not happy with news and as well Boyfriend Robert Pattinson causing him to pack his bags and leave from Kristen’s side. Rupert Sanders’s wife Liberty Ross didn’t take no apology. posted a drunk snow white on Instagram, deleted her twitter account and filed for a divorce the next day with no hesitation In the in late September the two young stars (Rob and Kris) meet secretly in LA. by October the young stars rekindled and decided to fix what went wrong and become as one as robsten once again.


#4. Meet Kimye!

Last year in August Kim Kardashian had the biggest weddings seen on television. 72 days later Kim files for divorce from Kris Humphries. Now that her marriage is over and has to deal with Kris’s attorney she has found a new man. That man is Kanye West! Since then the two have been inseparable, the rapper himself has confessed that he has been in love with Kim and always wanted her to be on his side. Awwww! Could Kanye be the one for Kim?


#3. Bieber Fever strikes again

Justin Bieber became a grand hit once again this year. Coming up with new songs ” As long as you love me” “Boyfriend” and “Beauty and the Beat”, Believe Tour, Girlfriend perfume, Looking older, and Selena Gomez? Justin and Selena confessed their romance last year, paradise for the young lovers was pure perfection! But not for long, the Justin and Selena ended their roamnce early November. Biebs held himself strong during his apperances and his tour, thou he throw up in the middle of the stage. REMEMBER THAT! Early December Justin and Selena reunited to fix what went wrong. The Young stars spent Christmas together.


#2. New Franchise rises from the ashes: Hunger Games!

From Suzanne Collins best selling trilogy, The Hunger Games hit theaters on March 23, 2012 with a big bang. With many fans standing by its side and many faces satisfied with what was captured on film, lead to great success. The three leading stars Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, Josh Hutcherson as Peeta and Liam Hemsworth as Gale were welcomed to the great steps of Hollywood Stars known by face are now known by names. The new franchise proved its self by landing on #7 on the highest grossing film on Midnight showing with $19.7 million, beating The Dark knight and The Avengers. May the odds be ever in your favor!


#1. Beyonce is a Mommy!

Beyonce announced her pregnancy on stage of the MTV Video Music Awards in August 2011 with her fierce performance “Love on Top”. The announcement was a worldwide excitement and before Beyonce gave birth, her baby was name The baby of the year. Joy, peace and privacy was given to Beyonce and Jay-Z during the process of her pregnancy. Early January, Jay-Z announced on his blog that his precious miracle was welcomed to the world naming her Blue Ivy Carter. By February the proud parents posted Blue’s first pictures. Let the new year bring more joy to the Carter family!