Latest Batch of Dirty Laundry : ‘Demand a Plan’ video, Its Official, plus Warming up Utah….

by Angie Guevara

“Demand A Plan” video

Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell, and Jamie Fox have participated in a strong act to end gun control. With the Tragedy of Sandy Hook elementary in Newtown, Connecticut and other states that were victims of shooting massacres, Celebrities and of course family have come up with a way to put a stop. The Campaign is called “Demand A Plan”.
Check out this video!


They officially filed for divorce

Ashton Kutcher officially files for divorce with Demi Moore! The two stars announced their split back in November 2011; With the split, Demi took the split not so well that rehab was involved. Best of Luck with Ashton and Demi Moore.

Warming up in Utah

Wooooo! Taylor Swift is melting the snow with Harry Styles in a skiing trip up in Utah!