#TF7miami : LOVE TRIANGLE? MEGAN FOX ? IRON MAN 3 ? GOSSIP GIRL Wrap Party ?? Another Wardrobe Malfunction?

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Two days after hooking up with Ri-Ri at a Beverly Hills Bash, Chris Brown was caught Monday afternoon leaving his place with 24 year ol Karrueche Tran, after reporterly saying that he didnt want to see her hurt because of his “friendship” with Rihanna.
An insider tells E! News Chris was wuth Karrueche on Friday and Sunday than with Rihanna On Saturday, Also adding that Chris has bren Hooking up with both of them for a while now. Its just a bit of a mess!
OH shame Shame SHAME on you Chris!

MEGAN FOX shows Off Body in Lingerie.

Even after recently just having a baby Megan Fox still looks Sexy and Young in her photoshoot for Sharper Image Holyday Spread, the 26 Year Old is Wearing lots of lace , nerdy and sexy lingerie to make this a Great Christmas present for all the gadget guys .

Merry Merry Xmass

IRON MAN 3 Trailer Came Out, But no South Florida Scenes?

The first Movie trailer of Iron Man 3 Debuted last Night , After the superstar Robert Downey Jr. And villain Ben Kingsley were in miami last September were are all excited to know if any of the scenes taken in Dania Beach and Villa Vizcaya will appear in the Movie.

I Guess we’ll all have to wait until April 2013 to see.

Radio host pleads Guilty in pot grow House Bust!

The WZAB-880 The Biz Morning host Edward Woodson just plead guilty to two felonies connected to running a marijuana growing operation at his home in Miami Shores. Earlier this month Woodson was sentenced to serve 3 Years probation including house arrest and a 25,000 fine.

He remains on the air despite the conviction.


All good things Must Come to an end but that doesn’t mean you cant have a little Fun. The cast and crew of Gossip Girl celebrated last friday to mark the shows final season, posting pictures of eachother enjoying a night filled with emotions.

Gossip Girl began airing on The CW in September 2007 and the series finale is schedule for Dec.10 .

I guess we wont be getting anymore text messages with juice gossip

Jennifer Lopez Suffer another Wardrobe Malfunction !

During a concert in London the “On The Floor” singer Suffers her second nip slip in many weeks, as she strutted her stuff on stage J.LO Showed a little more than what she wanted to, It also happened in the same exact skintight outfit the singer was wearing doing her Oct. 12 concert In Italy in which the same incident occurred.
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