Hunger Games DVD and Blu-ray Release

Hey Guys its Angie Guevara  from Dirty Laundry.
On Friday, August17, Fans were waiting line for the hit film “The Hunger Games”. Fans have waited for this moment since um… March 23 (Release date in THEATERS). A huge release DVD Party was held in Blockbuster. Well this party was a bit different, who needs movie T-shirts and movie treats, if you can have survival skills and a tribute make-over. The party kept the fans busy, so to see how the tributes themselves were enjoying their special treats: We caught up with three SUPERFANS Lizzy, Melanie and Lauren. image Who had just learned a few Tricks of self-defense for the Hunger Games “The two finger Trick, basically when someone tries to grab you there are the two fingers that stick out, you have to try to get out of it.” Said Lauren. Hmm! Very Interesting.

It’s a Franchise
Now let’s get down to business. Hunger Games is a new franchise with MANY Fans behind their back. Does that sound Familiar? Umm…YES! It’s called Twilight. If you don’t know what twilight is, Here are some keywords: Sparkling Vampires, werewolves, Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Forks, and Robert Pattinson *DROWL*

Twilight became a hit Franchise. So many Fans fall in love with the books and films forming a connection with the characters. The Franchise itself created a new era, style, and another world for movies. The saga is setting out its last installment in November 16; The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part2; you know the one where Bella finally becomes a vampire*SPOILER ALERT* The Twilight Saga sky rocketed to the Clouds in 2008 pushing harry Potter to the edge of a cliff. Now that the saga is ending, a new movie has come to take over the biz “The Hunger Games” The Books itself had an amazing response with all kinds of readers, too adults as well. But as always when you hear about a book you have NEVER heard about! What do you do? You question it! What is the hunger game? “The Hunger games Where is that from I started reading and wow this is actually really good I didn’t expect it to be that good.”-Lizzy
Surprise, Surprise!

“I saw the trailer in a twilight movie I got the book the first one I become obsessed”-Melanie
While who wouldn’t be Obsessed! I’ am Since Hunger Games is starting its new world! Let’s ask our fans If there are any hard feeling between Twilight and The hunger Games! Is there any competition let’s see what the fans have to say:
“this is pretty big compared to twilight it’s a different theme a different story compared to Twilight”-Chloe
Very true! Have you guys heard the plot, the setting of Hunger Games Its completely different than Vampires and werewolves!
“I don’t think it’s such a competition because it’s like ending already and the hunger games started so I don’t think its huge competition”-Lauren
A new beginning starts after an ending!
“I think it could, every franchise has the potential to grow”-Juilanne
The Games are heating up!
If you were inimage the Hunger Games!

If the Hunger Games were to happen, we better start preparing! So we asked our super fans how they could prepare themselves:
“I would not survive I promise, I would probably run for my life-Running would be my Specialty.-lizzy
“I can’t even run fast so I probably wouldn’t survive I probably hide in the dirt cover myself hoping no one would step on my face.”-Lauren
“I think I would be pretty good my specialty could be knives”-Julianne
Catching Fire!
Catching fire is the sequel to the Hunger Games. After winning the Hunger Games Katniss and peeta face the more challenges between their love and their life. The two winning Victors see that the Games will never end when The Quarter quell sets their area.

These past week and months The Producers and Crew members have been breaking bones to cast the new comers for Catching Fire. It has been announced that Stephanie Leigh Schlund was casted to play Cashmere tribute from district 1 as well looking for confirmation that Sam Clarin will be playing the gorgeous Finnick Odmair. With a new director on board the cast with have excitement on filming the second installment with new material to impress their audience, their fans with what they want like how Gary Ross Presented. So let’s play a game! What scenes should be on Catching Fire?
“When they are on the train together and they spend the night together in the train that’s my favorite part in the whole train sequence’- Sarah
“I like the see the relationship between Katniss and gale be enforceimaged in the movie”-Jackie

I would like to give thanks to the girls that helped me out. Lizzy, Melanie, Lauren, Chloe, Sofie, Sarah and Jackie thank you girls; You are amazing and the best super fans. Well Angie from Dirty Laundry LIKE US on Facebook Dirty Laundry, twitter @itsdirtylaundry and tumblr dirty laundry girls.
Happy Hunger Games! May the odds be in your favor.