Friday August 3rd – Third Annual FAME

When: Friday, August 3rd , 7:00pm
Where: Doral Park Country Club
5001 N.W 104 Ave Miami, Florida 33178

The stage is set for Miami’s own undiscovered talent to truly shine once again. Doral Park is pleased to sponsor the 3rd Annual FAME event.
The event consists of blending Fashion, Art, Music, and Entertainment as the main recipe for FAME.
 Fashion designer Asanyah Davidson will show case her line Circa 24.

Art exhibit by Denise Diaz, Yanelys Escobar, Johnny Garcia, Enrique Sendra, Miguel Franco, Jennefer Ramos, Felix Mas, Brandon Taylor, Tryst Trigger, and Katrina Ramos

Musical performances by SpaceBetween Words, The Fly Kingdom, Nude Cap, Warrick, The Mirrors and Derevo.

Entertainment from independent wrestling company ICW will certainly put a kick to the show with live wrestling. The event will be hosted by the model/actress Sasha Cabrera and comedian Rhett Thompson.

Get there early  !

7:00 pm Doors Open
7:30 pm -7:55 pm pm Musical Performance By The Fly Kingdom
8:00 pm—8:10 pm Rene Rodriguez Performance Piece
9:00 pm Host Sasha Cabrera & Rhett Thompson
9:05 pm—9:10 pm One on one match
(Sean Allen VS Sean Phoenix)
9:10 pm—9:15 pm ICW Hard Knock Championship
(J-Dawg Brooks (Champion) VS K-Cling)
9:15 pm—9:20 pm FOW Championship
(Aron Agony (Champion) VS Jordan Rayner)
9:20 pm—9:30 pm Scratch Academy DJ Battle
9:30 pm– 10:00 pm Musical Performance By Nude Cap
10:00 pm—10:10 pm Fashion by Circa 24
10:10 pm—10:15 One on one match
(J-Biggs VS Ernest R. Alexander III)
10:15 pm—10:45 pm Musical Performance By Derevo
10:45 pm—10:55 Eight Man Tag Team Match
(Team System w/Alyson VS Prime Directive W/Jim Sherbert)
10:55 pm—11:05 pm Fashion by Circa 24
11:05 pm—11:15 pm One on one match
(J-Biggs VS Ernest R. Alexander III)
11:15 pm—11:35 pm Musical Performance By
SpaceBetween Words
11:45 pm—12:00 am Main Event Tag Team Grude
(Stevie Richards & Joker (ICW Pure X Crown Champion VS
Dash Maverick (ICW Champion) & Beastly Brody)
12:00 am– 12:30 am Musical Performance By The Vilifiers
& Fashion By Circa 24
12:30 am—1:00 am Musical Performance By Insignia
1:00 am—1:30 am Musical Performance By Change Is Great

7:00 pm—12:30 am DJ X Seven
7:00 pm—12:30 am TrendSetter