Friday June 15th – Grand Opening of Budare Bistro in Brickell



When: Friday June 15 from 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Where: Budare Bistro

1830 SW 3 Ave Miami Florida 33129


The first step into Budare Bistro in Brickell is like being welcomed to an old friend’s home and seeing all of their favorite things. The walls are
covered with images of cascading mountain tops in Caracas, Venezuela and nimble fingers kneading cornmeal dough.

Budare Bistro serves traditional Venezuelan cuisine, arepas, tequeños, cachapas, and paella made by experience chefs who know how to
cultivate, through careful preparation, the subtle flavors of their food.

Sweet corn, fresh soft cheese, and shredded beef simmered with tomatoes, onions, and red peppers
are combined to create arepas with shredded beef. It is a meal that can only be savored by scooping
the grilled cornmeal cake, just off the budare or grill, into your hands and taking a bite. Making the
choice easy for hungry customers, the restaurant offers combination plates with mini arepitas, mini
empanadas, mini cachapas, and pastels.

Every Thursday the restaurant transforms its menu into offerings from different countries,
to celebrate the cuisine of other regions. Every Thursday the bistro offers peruvian, mexican,
colombian, or chinese dishes. Fillings can be chosen from cheese, black beans,
shredded beef, and fish. Dishes are accompanied with rich sauces such as guasacaca, a mixture of
cilantro, avocado, onions, and olive oil that adds but does not overtake the flavors of the dish.

For the sweet tooth there are a number of fresh squeezed juices made from tamarindo, passion
fruit, and blackberry. Desserts include cheese flan, tiramisu, and well-known Marquesa de chocolate
made from a rich chocolate mousse and thin layers of waffle.