Saturday May 19 -14th Annual Haitian Compas Festival

When: Saturday May 19 3pm
Where: Bayfront Park

Klipsch Amphitheater
301 North Biscayne Boulevard


Each year on May 18, Haitians living all over the world celebrate Haiti’s Flag Day.

For 14 years, The Haitian Compas Festival has been the platform for Compas bands from all over the world including New York, Boston, Paris, Canada and Haiti.

The much-anticipated Haitian Compas Festival puts over 30,000 people in one venue and the enthusiasm continues to capture audiences. The Haitian Compas Festival is the largest gathering of Haitians, outside of Haiti, and each year they come together in Miami to celebrate their Haitian culture. The weekend will host numerous activities that will have South Florida undoubtedly buzzing!

Cost: $35