#TF7miami 80’s show

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Ezzy Ezpress with Ezzy Castro

Welcome to the 80s!!!!

Top 3 from Ezpress Newsdesk:

The Daily Show is coming to Florida for the Republican National Convention. They will be shooting a week of shows in Tampa being the first time it’s taped in the Sunshine State.

X factor is officially signing Britney Spears! After the rumors and going back and forth, Simon Cowell made up his mind paying the pop star $15 million for one season. This is definitely the boost X factor will need and fans can enjoy!

Go Mr. Prez!!!!!! President Obama supporting Gay marriage and celebs such as Ellen, Kim Kardashian are tweeting the thanks to president Obama. His daughters Sacha and Malia had a big part in this” because of their friends having gay parents.”

Let’s animated Miami with Nicki Nicktoon

coming soon …..


#FAKEBOOTY – inside edition did story of women looking to enhance their ass region going to backroom places for booty shots…..hey Nicki Minaj!

#RIRI this trashy, awesome, ratchet, beautiful slore stays in the light…..she tweeted an instagram pic of her kissing Rick Ross saying “we gonna have babies” probably slutty big ass babies #PlayOffs this has to be the most ‘getting hurt’ ass series ever……..do we care?…NOOOOO its TEAMHEATBI***!!!


#ILoveThe80s (NINE REASONS WHY I LOVE THE 80’s!!!!!!!!!!!!)

1.Sixteen candles movie

2.Fanny packs

3.Colorful ass biker shorts

4.Cyndi lauper

5.New edition

6.Cassette tapes


8.Michael Jackson was still kinda black

9.Titties didn’t exist

TOPICS: Is Memorial Day weekend still hella fun or overrated? Night caps….good idea? or sending off the wrong signal?

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