La Nota Alertnative at SWEATSTOCK

Shazam! Good tidings to all the music heads out there.

This week our event was none other than record store day. We started off at “Radioactive records” in FLL where there were food trucks, live music and lots of vinyl.  The weather seemed to want to hamper our full day of musical activities but the the clouds broke and the music prevailed.

We hung out in FLL for a while before we headed out to our main event of the day Record Store Day at SWEAT RECORDS for “SWEATSTOCK”. The musical line up was going to be insane and since this is the home of the original record store day everyone and anyone in the local south Florida music scene was there.

At Sweatstock there were a total of three stages 1 sponsored by  Roofless Records,  one sponsored by  Churchills  inside, and the main stage outside sponsored by  Beached Miami. 27 bands, food trucks, Beer tent, the sweet smell of cheeba wafting around us. It was as perfect as it was going to get. Some of the bands that I thought worth naming were,  POOL PARTY an awesome power chord punk band that was happy and entertaining to listen to. They played the stage inside of Churchills. Outside on the main stage  JESSE JACKSON (not the!) gave us his style of bluesy/folk tunes.  DEAF POETS a  local band known in the  UM  circles and really the whole college scene tore it up  DEAF POETS  are a 2 piece band, drummer and guitar/lead vocals yet they managed to fill the gaps and proved to be a musical force at Sweatstock.   KRISP  played the main stage as well as PLAINS  both of these totally worth listening to.  To close off the outside main stage was none other than Miami’s own  AFROBETA  a mix of pop, house, dub step, and good ole rock n roll attitude.  The female vocalist for AFROBETA did some crowd surfing as well as giving out free CDs of their latest stuff. She also got the crowd pumping with a cover of  DEVOs Whip it  while also breaking down and rebuilding a classic  NIRVANA’s song. AFROBEAT was great to watch and highly danceable.

Once the outside part was over everyone meandered towards the other 2 stages. Inside Churchills a portion of  WEIRD WIVES played a short set. I can only describe at as intense techno/schizo/punk.The party kept going until a little past one with everyone going home with smiles on their faces and exhausted from rocking out. Oh did I mention that  IGGY POP  showed up at Sweatstock around 5 ish? Well, yes IGGY showed up for real unlike the April fool’s day prank pulled on us short a few short weeks ago.

All in all it was an awesome jam packed day of good local music, good people, good food and all around good environments. Although there was security at Sweatstock no one went to jail and no one started shit either. It was a great time. If you didn’t get a chance to ne there this year it will be back around in 12 months so mark your calendars.

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Until next week stay in the shadows and keep your strings and skins tight.