TF7miami episode 6 – Do you have a name for your private part, or was a name ever given to it ?

Ezzy Ezpress with Ezzy Castro

Miami news…China Grill in Miami Beach is moving to Brickell. That orange building that you see when you drive down 5th street will belong to Brickell. Moving dates have not been announced.

Marlins Manager Is suspended for 5 days for the comments he made about Castro on Time magazine. Yesterday a press conference was held at the Marlins stadium apologizing to the community in Spanish.

About a week ago we got the news Dj Laz left power 96 after 22 years, and so Uncle Luke said “Laz felt stifled by the current state of FM radio” and Power 96. So what is the biggest voice in Miami up to? He said he wants to enjoy the things in life and keep on making music for his fans. Miami will just have to wait for what’s coming for us.

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian heading back to L.A after Odom’s exit from the Mavericks. He was only playing for four months but it was best to go separate ways.

New couple alert is Kanye West and Kim Kardashian dating. I believe we all saw this coming a mile away! But Kris Humpries did not keep his mouth shut by saying “good luck” to the rappers new girlfriend.

And last but not least Facebook buys Instagram for 1 billion. So Mark Zuckerburg your pockets just keep getting bigger.

Let’s animated Miami with Nicki Nicktoon

Hey #TF7Miami fans it’s Nicki Nicktoon excited as hell to
tell you guys about Miami Beach Gay Pride coming up this Sunday. Its going to
be a lot of fun with special performances from Wynter Gordon, Jojo, etc. Also I’ll
be bartending at the large event so if you plan on coming by remember to tip
your bartenders. Also on some incredibly freaky news, someone found a sacrifice
site where a human skull and human limb bones were found under a pile of animal
skulls. The pictures of the site are on Miami New Times website and they are
incredibly eerie.  Now as everyone might
of heard on the show I have never been given or given myself a nickname for my
private parts…so maybe by next week I can get a name…lol.
Miami Beach Gay Pride




#THEIRONY – Soooooooo the attorney’s of Zimmerman  are withdrawing themselves as his counsel…….cause they cant find em…ri-dic-u-LOUS

#Usher was recently the victim of another twitter death hoax, twitter tries to kill all the ppl we like, why doesn’t twitter fake-kill ppl we don’t care about like one of the jersey shore cast members.

#Beyonce released her tumblr which has quite a few pix of her pregnancy & personal life

#NICKIMINOT had an album release party at liv Sunday………..needless to say…I aint go. She’s clearly suffering from an identity crisis & I will not support that

–Do you have a name for your private part, or was a name ever given to it ?….…im listening!

#Instagram – pissing me off. The end

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