Tf7miami episode 5 How long is TOO long to date without a title?

Ezzy Ezpress with Ezzy Castro

Miami’s biggest voice has left power 96 after 22 years. The pimp with the limp known as DJ Laz tweeted he is no longer with the Power 96 family. Still no word on what he will do next but we can hope to still hear that big voice in our city.

Our hearts will go on after 15 years after the James Cameron film Titanic is out in 3D today.  April 15 will mark the 100th anniversary since the luxury cruise liner sank in the North Atlantic.

Our soon to be bride and groom couple Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were in the talks of a small wedding but they have changed their minds to just make this a huge summer wedding. Anyone marrying Mr. Timberlake should make this a celebration!

King of media, Ryan Seacrest is happy to announce that he will join NBC to host the London Olympics. Seacrest has hishands full already with American Idol, E news, and his radio show but that will not interfere with his Olympic schedule.

Bieber Extra! Justin Bieber, or As I like to call him The Biebs, has bought a 7.5 mil mansion in Calabasas. Technically he bought it for 6 mil and will be receiving the keys to his new cribo in June!

Let’s animated Miami with Nicki Nicktoon

Hey #TF7Miami fans this is Nicki Nicktoon telling you about the Avicii concert coming to Miami on June 8th at the America Airlines Arena so start saving up all you House music lovers…I’m included in that group 🙂  Also this week South Florida’s Facebook page posted a video showing the cops that were ALLEGEDLY drunk last month racing on Miami Beach in the squad car. Well according to reports they were fired but not arrested…of course…you have to love our justice system. I mean seriously???


#INSTAGRAM – So there’s a app war going on, iphone users are pisssssssseeed that Android users now have the instagram app

#Nicki Minaj’s album coming out….and I have zero excitement about this (available on itunes & in stores now)

#Rihanna & Breezy mayhem again. Her management banned her from reuniting with Chris but she said “ill do whatever the hell I want”

#InWhiteFolksNews – a guy dressed up as batman & pretended to blow up a hospital as an april fools joke….. *blank stare*……..he got arrested


“#ThatAwkwardMoment when you fart & somebody comes up to you & ask for an autograph! I know she smelled it because her nose started running”

“Its always good to find new ways to insult your friends”

“family dinner and were all playing drawsomething lol. Losers”

Juicy Topics:

#Does it make you a slut if u smash on the first date

#How long is TOO long to date without a title?

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