My Wrestlemania Moment

Did you miss me? Cause i miss you. Sorry for the delay folks, i was taking a much needed vacation to get myself ready for WWE Wrestlemania week. We at 247Miami kick it off with the Wrestlemania Press conference, and it was spectacular. We got to interview some of the WWE Superstars including John Cena.

So take a look, also check out the rest of the interview in its in tiring on our website and YOUTUBE

WWE Wrestlemania press conference

But we didnt stop there. We continued on with WWE Fanaxxess. Once again 247Miami In The Bleachers Xtra didnt disappoint. Rather talk more about it, heres just a sample of one of the interview we did.

WWE Fanaxxess

well as the week moved with the hall of fame, FINALLY!(taking a page from the Great One) WRESTLEMANIA 28 IS HERE! And the WWE deliver, Great matches all the around the card. My only problem and i know im not alone in it. The World Heavyweight Championship between the champion Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus. I was only 15 seconds. My only opinion on it is maybe this is how there going to push Daniel Bryan a full blown heel. I understand the logic but still, you could have had a good “WRESTLING” match. But all in all was the best Wrestlemania ever. Or at least until Wrestlemania 29 in Metlife Stadium. Here are the match result from mania on sunday.
WWE Tag Team Title Match: The Usos vs. Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd vs. Primo & Epico
Winners: Epico and Primo

World Heavyweight Title Match: Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan
Winner and New World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus

Kane vs. Randy Orton
Winner: Kane

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes
Winner and New WWE Intercontinental Champion: Big Show

Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres vs. Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos
Winners: Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos

Hell in a Cell: Triple H vs. The Undertaker
Winner: The Undertaker 20-0

Team Laurinaitis vs. Team Long
Winners: Team Laurinaitis

WWE Title Match: Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk
Winner: CM Punk

The Rock vs. John Cena
Winner: The Rock

Since we couldn’t film Wrestlemania i have decided to put some Promos from Sundays Wrestlemania. Here you go.


Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

Undertaker vs. Triple H Hell In A Cell

Well thats all i have for now, If you want to get my opinion of Wrestlemania tune in on my weekly radio this week. Wednesday at 4. see ya