March 28- April 1 -Woman’s International Film & Arts Festival

When: March 28 -April 1
Where: Various Miami Locations

The Women’s International Film & Arts Festival (WIFF)

is a unique, cultural event featuring films, visual and performance arts and other artistic expressions by women. It is one of only two festivals in the Southeastern United States specifically dedicated to women. Held annually during Women’s History month, the event is designed to celebrate women and to help them realize their dreams, visions, and voices

This years Films at a glance

March 29 Thursday

The Power of Three 2:00 pm
Director: Yvonne Deutschman

Along the Road 4:15 pm
Director: Gabrielle Nadeau

Cher Dieu 4:15 pm
Director: Catherine Theriault

Deadline 4:15 pm
Director: Sara Zandieh

AWA O GBE 4:15 pm
Director: Nathalie Gouin

The Great Indian 6:00 pm
Marriage Bazaar
Director: Ruchika Muchhala

West is West 7:30 pm
Director: Andy De Emmony

A Balloon for Allah 2:00 pm
Director: Nefise Ozkal Lorentzen

The Global Village Project 4:00 pm
Director: Ella Jane New and David Rey

Escape 4:00 pm
Director: Marvi Lacar

Bubblegum Smackers 6:00 pm
Director: Lindsay Garvin

The Death of Toys 6:00 pm
Director: Lis Gold

Lions Among Men 6:00 pm
Director: Traci Hays

Dearly Departed 6:00 pm
Director: Ilo Orleans

Morado 7:15 pm
Director: Jalissa Cruz

Hidden Truth 7:15 pm
Director: Penelope Machipi

I Believe You: Faith’s 7:15 pm
Response to Intimate Partner Violence

Amores Ciegos 9:30 pm
(Love Intertwined)
Director: Marise Samitier

Dated 9:30 pm
Director: Jonathan Levit

Dust Off Ivory 9:30 pm
Director: Stephanie Hummel

Bathroom Vanities 9:30 pm
Director: Christopher Cherot

Two 9:30 pm
Director: Ryan Gielen

Mission Mom-Possible 9:30 pm
Director: Morocco Omari

March 30 Friday

The Pink Room 2:00 pm
Director: Joel Sandvos

Caught 3:30 pm
Director: Elizabeth Page

White Space 3:30 pm
Director: Maya Washington

The Track 3:30 pm
Director: Brett Caroline Levner

Grace 3:30 pm
Director: Salli Richardson-Whitfield

Bonsai People- 5:30 pm
The Vision of Muhammad Yunus
Director: Holly Mosher

America 7:30 pm
Director: Sonia Fritz

Equal Strength 9:00 pm
Director: Ika Santamaria

Hotel Swooni 11:00 pm
Director: Kaat Beels

All Me: The Life and Times of Winfred Rembert 2:00 pm
Director: Vivian Ducat

Breaking Through the Clouds 4:00 pm
Director: Heather Taylor

About Her 6:30 pm
Director: Phyllis Ellis

Secrets, Objects 8:00 pm
Director: Young Mi Lee

Patient 17 10:15 pm
Director: tuyet Le

March 31 Saturday


Girl Model 11:00 am
Director: Ashley Sabin

Baby Let Your Hair Your Hair Down 3:30 pm
Director: Shaun Conrad

Pearls of Far East 5:30 pm
Director: Cuong Ngo

The Italian Key 8:00 pm
Director: Rosa Karo

Ayenehaye Rooberoo (Facing Mirrors)
Director: Negar Azarbayjani

Cartografia de la soledad (Cartography of loneliness)
Director: Nocem Collado

The Silent Truth 1:00 pm
Director: Joan Brooker-Marks

Director: Phyllis Bancroft

Theresa Sareo: Alive Again
Director: Rye Joseph

Dit is ek 2:15 pm
Director: Lorienne Young

A Little Revolution: 4:30 pm
A Story of Suicides and Dreams
Director : Harpreet Kaur

Sati Shaves Her Head 5:45 pm
Director: Tejal and Amar Shah

Coffee & Pie 5:45 pm
Director: Douglas Horn

Ad and Subtract 5:45 pm
Director: Laura Stephens

John Doe 5:45 pm
Director: Shawnette Heard and Melissa

Love and Vigilance 5:45 pm
Director: Monique Ganderton and Sam Hargrave

The Year Dolly Parton 7:30 pm
Was My Mom
Director: Tara Johns

A Sud di New York 10:45 pm
(South of New York)
Director: Elena Bonelli