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Come and ride the Ezzy Ezpress

In the gossip world, we have all been talking about the Kony video for several weeks, well Jason Rusell creator of the video has been arrested last Thursday for roaming naked through the streets of San Fran and masturbating!  Well he is being treated for brief psychosis which is caused by extreme stress and causes odd behavior.

Let’s take it to the shore….

Rumors going Mike Sorrentino the situation has a drug problem? The Guido tweeted “Don’t believe anything you hear” well he told E news that he’s “spent several weeks at an undisclosed location for much needed rest”. So Jersey Shore fans it’s all good for the cast for season 6 coming up!

Reese Witherspoon is expecting her third baby….with new hubby Jim toth so congrats to both!

And may the odds be in your favor this Friday! The anxious movie event based on the book The Hunger Games is coming out this Friday so make sure to go check that out!

Animated with Nicki Nicktoon

Hello #TF7Miami fans this is Nicki Nicktoon, well this past Tuesday kicked off Miami Music Week which is basically the pre party before Ultra Music Festival weekend. There are tons of events going on this week from club parties to pool parties and of course the amazing DJ’s and artists that are visiting Miami. We have DEV, Swedish House Mafia, Nadia Ali, Afrojack, and so many more visiting Miami for all the partying and fun in the sun. So make sure you check them all out all over Miami this week and weekend, make sure you guys have fun and party in the Magic City all this week.


#Rihanna hits twitter tweeting about weed (KUSH) & hits on a female follower tweeting:
“@KeishaArmani87 is that you in ur avi?? And is “that” tattoo real??? If so…. #callmeh”

Lesbonic Rih Rih? I think so!

#Ratchet – local exotic dancer “Skrawberry” of KOD & r&b singer/song writer Teyana Taylor allegedly had a fight this past weekend in KOD. Although I don’t follow either, several mutual tweeters reposted their tweets, the speculated story is they were fighting
over Mr. Willis McGahee a football player for the denver broncos. Skraw has since tweeted “it was NOT over willis!!”

Well what the hell was it? cause the 10 stories ive heard on twitter are all HILARIOUS!

#Jason Russell – founder of Kony2012 was diagnosed with “brief reactive psychosis” aka “bullsh**”. TMZ posted a vid of Jason last week ranting like a maniac, slapping the pavement……………..NAKED. He has also been reported of masturbation in public. His wife
has said he is not on any type of substance.

We’ll worry about Kony later…..right NOW we need to #StopPublicNakedMasturbatingMeltdowns

– #Trayvon Martin case

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