La Nota Alternative Episode 3

by Jorge Miranda

Hello everyone and welcome to another La Nota Alternative blog,

On Monday we showcased massive local talent. Alex and I went up to the far reaches of Palm Beach to go see Jacuzzi Boys at The Snooze. The surfer, garage, rock, band had their last show before heading out on an international /national tour. We saw another band that Alex played last week, Honey train. They also had a great set and the people were stoked to see them live. At the same event we also saw Love Handles.

So that was our Friday night adventurous and all rock n roll.


Sunday night we ended up at the culture room where we supposed to go see a band Alex reviewed call Ambassador’s but we got their late and ended up watching “Lights” which was a very cool show. The average age was 17 so we looked like a couple of kooks out of place.  Lights, was great and I especially liked the Theremin solo near the end of the show.

The banded was fronted by a female and she rocked the keys and the strings.We also gave you a heads up on the Baron Sisters from Deerfield Beach. Google them ASAP!

On the show we played a band whose type of music is known as crust-a-Billy, Ricketpass. These guys are awesome and an all-around fun band to listen to. I highly recommend you checking them out.Ultra is almost here and with WMC going on the hype is growing and growing day by day. I managed to get my hands on two tickets to go see the Ultra Music Festival Movie “Can U Feel It” on thee 22 of March. See you there. Alex gave his gigs worth watching and if it hadn’t had been for some technical problems we would have played you a lot more bands.

In Spanish rock we played a glimpse of ”Pollera Pantalon” ( a band from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In rock news I hate to announce the Motley Crue drummer and musician extraordinaire Tommy Lee lost his mother this past week RIP Vassilikis Papadimitriou.

I announced the release date for Rush’s new album. May 29th 2012.

Vince Neil is opening a strip joint in Las Vegas and Megadeath released one Florida date so far and it’s in Orlando. Stay posted for info on that tour.

On Monday Alex will be out of town so I, Jorge will be winging the show alone. I’ll have music by local DJ Laura of Miami who will be at Ultra and many more interesting bands artists. We finally got our URL on Facebook, so you can catch us at .Go give us a like! On twitter we are @LaNotaAltern.

The shows that I think are worth going to see this weekend are the following:

At Ballyhoo on Saturday the 17th you have Southbound Hammer Down Trio and Looseleaf Articles.

For Heavy Metal lovers there is St. Patrick’s Day Metal Massacre at Atlantic Brewery, 21 over show, at the door $8.With WMC here there are MULTIPLE events going on where you can check out the performing artists.

Just keep checking the clubs. Keep your eyes peeled because artists for Ultra Music Festival will also be arriving in town soon (some might be here already). That’s pretty much it for this week. Make sure to leave a comment and keep rocking because “music is the only truth”