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Hi everyone on 24/7 Miami this is Nicki Nicktoon with #TF7Miami. Make sure you check go to The Dade County Fair while they’re in town for some delicious food and the fun rides…and trust me they weren’t made to fall apart contrary to what Miss Tonya D said on our recent episode. Lol. Also make sure your start saving up your money for all the great concerts coming up. On June 22 we have LMFAO coming in town Party Rocking Miami all night long. On top of that we will have two concerts by Madonna on November 19 and 20. So mark your calendars. What’s also so great about the Madonna concert is that it will be during White Party Week. So its definitely going to be gay pride in Miami that week. Lol.  Another exciting topic is the new show set to premiere on Starz on April 6 titled “Magic City”. It’s a show based in Miami during the 1950’s so make sure you definitely check it out. It’s going to be the only talk. Feel free to join the TF7 conversation everyday on Twitter #TF7Miami. Let us know what you think about  any topic that we discuss.



#Oprah – Interview with Bobbi Kristina, Gary Houston & Whitney’s Manager & sister in law Pat.
There has been claims Pat wouldn’t agree to do the interview unless she was able to plug product placement, claiming Whitney was to do an Informercial.

(In all the years Whitney has been in the biz…when was the last time you heard about her doing an “informercial”….ill wait…..smh sad)
#BobbiKris – spotted in Target with Whitney’s adopted son…reportedly kissing, hand holding & being extremely affection. He tweeted: “yes we’ve gotten closer…so WHAT!!?”
#SexDreams: Doesn’t it suck to have these sex dreams about ppl you probably SHOULDN’T be dreaming about? Whether its friends, twitter followers…….or in sum cases exes…ewwwww.

No one knows what they mean, but I think subconciously we think about these ppl….even when we don’t even know it!
Well for 247miami…..This was #TwitterTalkwithTonya