Wrestlemania is getting closer and closer to MIAMI

by Jose “Loud Mouth” Gonzales

Welcome to the wrestling jungle baby. so far, so good. WWE has been bringing the heat. i feel like a proud dad right now, watching raw this past Monday was awesome.

Question of the week

The opening segment of raw being Shawn Michael confronting Triple H about what made change his mind to take on the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 28. So my question with how the storyline is being shown, how close to real life this storyline? you guys be the judge.

Match Of The Week

Mama mia!!!!!!! i cant believe it, Santino Marela became the new united states champion and this is my match of the week. probably one of the greatest upsets in raws history. Enjoy 🙂

Wrestlemania 28 getting closer i think some of the greatest matches to ever come out of that event. From ladders matches to tag teams, and even the great ironman match. But the soon to be greatest match ever will be John Cena versus The Rock. With the build up getting close to the boiling point, ill leave you with a few videos. First, here is the rock confronting John Cena, John Cena giving his thought on why he needs to win

wrestlemania 28 and my dark match of the week is the The Rock versus The Immortal Hollywood Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 18. so enjoy, and ill see u on the flip side. DUCES

Dark Match Of The Week


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