La Nota Alternative episode 2

Hello music heads, it’s Jorge from La Nota: Alternative giving you the 411 on what happened this week in the rock /alt/indie scene.

This Monday 3/5 we had our second show and although we had some issues with sound and buffering. I think we worked it out afterwards. We announced a press release we received informing us that Jane’s addiction is coming to the Fillmore Miami Beach on May 18th, 2012. We let you know that Thursday @ 10:00am pre-sale tickets went up for sale.  Tickets will be on sale at Ticketmaster you can go get yourself a pair if there are any left.

On this week’s show we focused more on local bands and shows. Alex and I went to the inaugural Spring Jam up in Jupiter, FL thanks to their promoters “music jam productions”.  What a drive!!! But we had a great time there. The headlining was from Gainesville, FL celebrating 20 years on the music scene and touring in support of their new 5 song EP “Season’s Greetings” none other than favorites Less Than Jake who made sure everyone had a good time. The venue was the Sea breeze Amphitheater which is an intimate open air area. The people were great, even the staff, and everyone had a good time. Music jam productions are also a sponsor for Suffers for Autism a very noble and awesome cause. You definitely want to check out their Facebook page and here is their link  .

We played the local stylings of Honey Train and heated up the airwaves with a double shot by them. One thing that was hot on my mind is Ultra! Miami is all a clammer because Ultra is almost here. You can feel the electricity in the air and in the cells of underground electronic music aficionados.  We gave you a heads up on some of the acts that are schedule to play and we played you a track by one of my personal favorites Skrillex.

It was generally a good show except for the kinks we are working out. There are fewer kinks now.This weekend starting Friday, we will be checking out one of the bands we played Honey Train, along with checking out Jacuzzi Boys one of the best garage rock bands out of Florida right now before they take off on their national tour. The gig will be @ The Snooze in Lake Park, FL.

All in all we covered a lot in an hour for the local scene and we will be covering much more next week.With that being said let me leave you with a quote by one of America’s best beat writers Jack Kerouac, from his book “On the road”.“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn,burn,burn, like a fabulous yellow roman candle exploding like spiders across the starts”…Jack Kerouac.Until next time…Rock on!    .
Weekend Shows:
JACUZZI BOYS, HONEY TRAIN, LOVE HANDLES @ The SnoozeSunday  Ambassadors at the Culture Room. Check out Alex’s interview.